Vet Issues, the good, the bad & the ugly.

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Re: Vet Issues, the good, the bad & the ugly.

Postby Bsuds » Apr 16th, 2017, 6:26 am

Update on the new vet. We had him do some minor surgery on our dog and he had a new heating pad that was defective.
It burned the dog badly on her left side and she got very sick from this and almost died.
Needless to say even though it wasn't his fault the follow up care was a bit lacking and we have now switched Vets...again.
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Re: Vet Issues, the good, the bad & the ugly.

Postby Fancy » Apr 16th, 2017, 7:20 am

How awful - hope your dog is okay now. I have no problems changing vets to find one competent to look after my fur baby. One should have complete confidence as our animals can't talk for themselves. I'd rather have a vet say they'll research and get back to me rather than guess at a condition and treatment then hope for the best. Second opinions have been surprising and so worth it.
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