Farmers Wife.

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Farmers Wife.

Postby Ken7 » Oct 2nd, 2017, 7:11 pm

Farmer is spooning with his wife one cold night in their bed.

He's touching her left breast and he say, "You know if this could produce milk, we could get ride of those milking cows." She makes a grunting noise, sort of HUH.

As he moves his hand some it lands between her thighs and higher. He says "You know honey, if you could lay a egg or two a day we could get ride of all those laying hens I have to feed." Again she doesn't say much but a Huh.

He thinks he doing well and she reaches back and puts a firm grip on his manhood. She says. "You know if you could get this thing hardened up more often, we could get rid of your brother."
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