Tents and garbage - Vernon north end

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Tents and garbage - Vernon north end

Postby jimmy4321 » Mar 19th, 2017, 7:00 pm

They ever gonna get rid of this. It's ugly as hell, they don't even try to hide their tents in the brush. One *bleep* had a tent pitched in the ditch if not far from it.
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Re: Tents and garbage - Vernon north end

Postby bob vernon » Mar 20th, 2017, 9:58 am

There will always be a small number in our society who just cannot look after themselves, or want to. There was a recent poll on Castanet that asked what we should do with the homeless. The largest number of voters said that we should "Crack down hard" on the homeless. What does that mean? Fine them? Some of these people don't even bother to pick up their welfare cheques. Move them to a place where we don't see them? Does that solve your problem with them?

Some homeless will join the rest of us if they are given a roof over their heads and regular meals. Some will continually lapse back into living in a tent in the bush. What should we do? Crack down hard? Real good and hard? Wading in with bear spray and night sticks will only disperse them briefly.

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Re: Tents and garbage - Vernon north end

Postby Fancy » Mar 24th, 2017, 6:06 am

“That camp is on the Ministry of Transportation-controlled right of way," said Kanester. "The city does not have jurisdiction over that area as it is an arterial highway."

“It would therefor fall to MOT to conduct any enforcement or removal along with perhaps the RCMP.”

Const. Jocelyn Noseworthy said police have not received any complaints about the camp.

Kanester said officials are reaching out to those in the camp to offer help.

“From the city's side, we have been ensuring through our COOL Team that the campers are aware of the services that are provided in the area for them,” said Kanester, referring to the Camp Okanagan Outreach Liaison Team which visits homeless camps on a regular basis.

“It is my understanding that the individuals in these camps are not interested in being provided services or moving into a shelter space, etc.”

Officials from the Upper Room Mission, which make up part of the COOL Team, have also contacted those living under the overpass, but their help was also declined.

https://www.castanet.net/edition/news-s ... htm#192533
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