Unreasonable and Unacceptable

Re: Unreasonable and Unacceptable

Postby dontrump » Sep 9th, 2017, 3:17 pm

slimebucket wrote:
that's quit the story and I have zero reason to doubt you at all and I do not doubt you;; the one thing that's omitted here is that this dreadful situation is (thankfully) concentrated in one small area of Vernon;; one can only imagine if this was in every neighbour hood of Vernon and area;; one thing that should be dealt with FIRMLY is PP should be 100% completely out of bounds and heavily patrolled to make sure it stays that way

ROFL confined to one small space... is that a joke??

Every tim hortons has em. Every sign that says "Pan handling to vehicles on the road is wrong, phone this number if you see it" has people begging for change. Every fast food place has em, 30 ave every intersection has em. Want me to explain where the hooker allies are? what about the crack dealers where they hang out? Confined to one spot, lol I dont know if thats delusional as you refuse to see the real problem, or if you just honestly dont see the problem.

Last year my step son couldnt go to school for a day because they had to clean up needles. Almost every park has had needles and drug stuff found. Fruit union plaza has em, Whole sale area has A LOT, while working I have to slam on my breaks id guess probably 6 times a day to avoid hitting a bum crossing the road when I have a green light.... i can honestly go on and on and on about places they bother people

I guess iam just lucky then as I just don't see the situations your talking here at all.yes I have seen one or two goof balls in the areas u describe but its hardly epidemic unlike the downtown superstore/peoples place/upper room mission area
now that's fast becoming a rat infested area for sure
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Re: Unreasonable and Unacceptable

Postby Opeeved » Sep 9th, 2017, 6:21 pm

I can't even finish the post above. Why? Complaining about a "dine and dash" like it's his problem or doesn't have the balls to stand up for him self. And I just don't care to... mostly like those that ignore me in this thread. Truthfully, I'll read it all later. My initial thought instinct is, how not to play the game and complain about the rules. He's right in many respects. But doesn't know how to play largely.
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Re: Unreasonable and Unacceptable

Postby slimebucket » Sep 13th, 2017, 8:48 am

Loki2u wrote:
slimebucket wrote:I am a taxi driver and I really feel my opinion has some meaning here.

I have been chased away from doing night shift. I used to work nights every night for years. I am now so afraid of this town I cannot work nights anymore.

Everywhere you look bums, mentally ill, prostitutes, people talking to themselves.

It started affecting my job. Every time I pick up someone bums hassling us for help, free rides, change, or they would take a ride, then RUN AWAY without paying. They would call a cab and be doing drugs right out in the open when I get there. I have had some start doing drugs right in my backseat! They want me to drive around looking for drug dealers / hookers. Now every tourist season I have to warn people from going to polson Park. Everyones like "its so beautiful why wouldnt you go to it?! your excagerating." then they go, and they always apologize and tell me I was right.|

What people dont understand about why the tents are wrong and should not be there is that there is places for homeless to go, there is government set up things to help... but you have to follow some rules, so them bums are like "RULES?!?!?! $#@$ that! Im out"

When I ran a delivery company long ago, I put real effort into helping bums. I made tons of care packages, I got in contact with many company owners and tried to get as many homeless jobs. easy jobs that require no skill, like taking nails to workers on construction sites, or cleaning dishes, or cleaning up outside, and out of over 200 people I tried to help, NOT ONE OF THEM STUCK AROUND AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF WORK. NOT ONE.

I went around to them after asking why they didnt come back and if they wanted to. EVERY *bleep* TIME "No, I dont want to be controlled, I dont like following rules, its not for me, I just want to be left alone"

All my care packages I found thrown out, or I found one guy with a a bunch of the stuff I gave away and he said everyone traded him them for drugs and booze.

One guy I bought a full pizza for because he said he was hungry. So I bought him a full pizza. This guy THREW IT AWAY RIGHT AFTER YELLING AT ME FOR BEING AN *bleep* AND NOT GIVING HIM MONEY. He then went to someone else saying hes hungry and wants change. They guy was going to give him a $5 bill and I ran up saying "see that pizza in the garbage? yeah I just gave that to him" That bum tried to fight me. He go so angry that I stopped that man from giving him $5. He wouldnt stop yelling and screaming. You know what bi-law did when they saw this? TOLD ME TO LEAVE HIM ALONE.

Anyone who defends actions of homeless, or says those tents are ok, or their actions are justifed, I suggest you live like them for a week and see what you see. I SUGGEST you help those people get jobs, and see how that goes. I suggest trying to be their friend and see how it goes. Its so easy to defend them when you do not know them, but if you took the time to try and ACTUALLY help instead of just put your opinion on the internet you will see those people put ACTIVE effort into being where they are. They act like they totally victims and have no control. WRONG THEY HAVE ALL THE CONTROL.

People who have to work all the time, have kids, have to take care of a family, they have no control. Their job, kids and family control them. Homeless who answer to no one, and have no responsibilities have all the control they want over their life, and they choose to be druggies. Then of course no one wants to help them because they are druggies, BUT THEY ARE THE ONES CHOOSING TO BE DRUGGIES ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE.

I actually now hate my job because of I have to deal with street people so much. 6 taxi drivers quit last month, 3 the month before, and 2 the month before that. In that time we have got 1 new driver. The homeless in this town are driving people away from this town, myself included.

*Spooker you got a lot of big talk, condescending others for their views that thing negativity of the homeless. Can I ask, how much have you gotten involved and tried to help? How many homeless have you taken under your wing, got them cleaned up looking good, got them a job, show them places they can say, give them care packages and show them someone cares?

I have done this with over 200 people in both Vancouver area, and Vernon. I have gotten many homeless people jobs. You know what happens every time? They steal something, leave and never come back. Whats funny is they steal something worth less than WHAT WE OWE THEM FOR THEIR WORK. But they think they making off good. Like they worked for 6 hours we owe them over $60 but then they steal something worth $20 and leave. Its funny.

But honestly, how much do you really help homeless Spooker? I find I get condescended a lot about my views of homeless, yet every time I probe people about their experience, it always seems they have NO experience with trying to help homeless. It is really easy to view them like they poor cute little animals that are pure victims with not control, and act like puppy dogs that need constant help from others, until you actually deal with them and understand how self destructive they really are. You say to yourself "no one wants to be a bum and anyone in those conditions does and would not want to be there" but thats only you. YOU would not want to be a bum, and YOU would not want to be there. Once you deal with these people and understand they actually DO WANT to be there, and they enjoy not following rules and pissing off anyone who does, you see they have a lot more control over their lifes then you are giving them credit for.

I used to get some homeless people on welfare and get them into low income places, and set up 3 different people into a 3 bedroom low income place, and paying rent and bills was never the problem, that was always easily solved by welfare / volunteers / charity but the problem was ALWAYS how they lived. How they would smoke in their room without even trying to open a window. They would *bleep* on the floor because they didn't feel like walking to the bathroom. They would live LIKE bums, in their home / apartment. They would have empty garbage but piles of garbage everywhere. They would never throw their garbage out, they wouldnt even use the doors properly and would enter and exit the place through windows. I have tried, and have seen SO many others try, with making homeless NOT homeless, and like, I have never once, NOT ONCE in my whole life, seen anyone actually clean up and choose not to be like that.

Wait, im wrong. There is one person. My Uncle Ken. He was homeless and forgotten his whole life until my family welcomed him into our home and told him if he doesn't do any other drugs, booze, let us know where he goes when he goes out then we well provide him with as much medical marijuana as he could ever want. over 14 years later he is still living with my dad and has never had an urge to be a street person. Before when he was forced on medications he always ran away to the streets to get away from the medications, but with my family, we allow him to do medical weed instead of chemical medications and it works like a wonder.

Great post!

Now then, what do you suggest be done for solutions?

move out of town. Thats what I am trying to do. Ive seen many posts where people trying to involve churches, politicians, homeless shelters, salvation army to get together and discuss solutions to homeless problem. Every time they get ignored.

Government, churches, and companies in town REFUSE to even talk about it. All they want is their tax dollars. No one has solutions. The people who can make change refuse to do anything and leave it to the people who have no authority, so they cannot do anything, so they give up.

Can you explain why there is huge buildings like Canadian tire, and the liquidation world JUST SITTING EMPTY for years? That old Canadian tire building HAS A HUGE parking lot, you could put trailers and tents in the parking lot as well as use the building. But no nothings done.

Cops ignore em, bi law ignores em, church ignores em, politicians ignore them. It is so sad seeing people put lots of effort into making change just for NO ONE ELSE to care. Not even the homeless getting helped care.

The families of those homeless people should be ashamed of themselves, they are the real monsters in this situation. Refuse to help their family member with mental disabilities, refuse to get treatment, or pay for anything, so just let them rot on the street, get the government, citizens and tax dollars to pay to deal with all their problems.
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Re: Unreasonable and Unacceptable

Postby slimebucket » Sep 13th, 2017, 11:05 am

Because_They_Lie wrote:
jimmy4321 wrote:I think it's good, what's unreasonable and unacceptable are people putting up tents etc spooking and at times terrorizing regular people, preventing them from enjoying the town.

Have you been to a tent city?

Have you observed tax payers being spooked and terrorized?

I do not believe that you have personally experienced any of these things, I think you are making up stories in order that you feel good about yourself for your lack of compassion toward those less fortunate than yourself.

Homeless people rarely hurt others, please provide me with one example of a homeless person terrorizing or spooking anyone in the Okanagan in the last 3 years...

Thank you

last month My girlfriend went to Tim hortons, the new one on 27th street. It and a gas station are the ONLY places near by that are commercial, everything else is residential or elementary schools or churches. Entering the store a BUM harrassed her for change. She said "please leave me alone" and the bum started screaming profanities at her. She bought a coffee and informed them of the crazy bum outside. When she left he followed her down the parking lot screaming at her, calling her a *bleep*, and an uppidy *bleep*, and she was really really freaked out and scared.

Oh and you asked for proof of a homeless man attacking someone within last 3 years?? Here you go! In 2014, a man from armstrong spallmachine area allowed a bum to stay with him over night because he felt bad and didnt want him sleeping on the steets. When he was asked to leave because he was using a knife to stab repeatedly at a table, he stabbed the man in the chest because he was polity asked to leave the property. https://www.castanet.net/edition/news-s ... htm#206322

Want to defend them bums as not being violent more? Im a taxi driver and I HAD to quit working nights because I honestly was scared. Those people are really really scary. I see them explode and scream and yell EVERY DAY. they J walk when the light is green, and they scream and yell as cars pass by. They are in the wrong, yet they scream and offer to fight people.
I see this every day.

You seriously have no idea what your talking about. These people are violent psychopaths.
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Re: Unreasonable and Unacceptable

Postby Because_They_Lie » Sep 13th, 2017, 2:49 pm

I have been treated in the exact same fashion by a lawyer. Bad people are bad people. You cannot claim all homeless people are bad just as you cannot claim all lawyers are bad. Reasonably it is erroneous to make the claim that any one group is all bad.

As for the recent article you alluded to, I saw that come out a couple of days ago and was patiently waiting for someone in this thread to post it as the example I was requesting, as none were forth coming until this recent article.

Thanks for posting.
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