Second Road North

Re: Second Road North

Postby nihiriju » Nov 7th, 2017, 8:39 pm

JagXKR wrote:So I see some on this thread want a new road so they can leave Penticton to spend money at another location and say this is good for business. Who's business? Not anyone here. So no problem, build the road to the other businesses. Make them pay for it as it benefits them at the expense of businesses here. If your favorite ski hill is Big White that's great for them. Make BW pay for your ease of access to their hill.
More spoiled people wanting everything paid for without any concept of the enormous costs that it would entail. I wonder what kind of debt these people are running? Maybe they're lifestyle is spend today and worry about paying off.....never.

The idea isn't to leave Pentiction, it is to make it more accessible year round. Pentiction is an amazing area with an amazing climate. It just happens to be a retirement community that could use some more activities and amenities to attract a greater diversity of families.

Adding this route would place Pentiction right in the centre of two amazing ski resorts for BC. This would add massively to the local economy and enhance tourism and overall quality of life for those who live here. Those are my hopes anyhow.

Also in reply to some other comments I am an Apex pass holder, but that doesn't mean I don't like to visit other places for skiing too. We could have a perfect match of SkrApex, and Big White out. When one is bad the other is good! In fact my next half cooked idea is for a regional ski pass. If the resorts could ever figure their complex interpersonal relationships out it would be mind blowing to have a pass for Apex, Big White, Baldy, Silver Star, Sun Peaks and maybe Revelstoke. This is common for many regions in Europe and the US, and could possibly be a small step to making skiing more affordable/ appetizing for families.
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Re: Second Road North

Postby JagXKR » Nov 7th, 2017, 11:35 pm

nihiriju wrote:The idea isn't to leave Pentiction, it is to make it more accessible year round.

So a road is going to bring people here? Sorry we will have to disagree completely. There is no economic reasoning to pay for a very expensive road to allow a very small number of people to enjoy it. Many more roads and projects are so far ahead in terms of urgent need that I will be long buried before there is money available to make such a dream.
Won't happen.
BTW, also an Apex pass holder and still waiting for the triple chair to be a quad. This was promised back in the 93/94 ski year. The last year of the double and the poma. It was in their ski brochure.
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