Woman Sues City of Penticton

Re: Woman Sues City of Penticton

Postby totoramona » Sep 21st, 2017, 8:51 pm

twobits wrote:And perhaps you are just one of the entitled looking for any excuse to sue because something just isn't perfect. I say suck it up butter cup and watch where you are walking. There is a vast difference between minor deficiencies and gross negligence. To cover every root that grows from the ground, settled concrete or even a stair riser that is out of current spec would cost we, the taxpayers, unrealistic funds when all that is required is for people to accept that the damn world is not perfect and watch out for ourselves rather than looking for a payday from insurance for your own stupidity.
People wonder why their insurance policy keeps going up at a rate five times that of inflation? It is because of people like you that always seem to need to blame someone else for their own preventable accidents.
Should we pay for this woman's injuries for stumbling on stairs that hundreds of thousands have navigated without issue despite an irregular stair riser. Are her injuries a result of gross negligence?? I think not.

The unfortunate reality is the City will pay the Bytch cuz it's cheaper to throw her a few coins than to pay for defense of litigation. She should be shamed by all that know her.

Wow. Entitled? I think not. And perhaps you are just one of those people who don't believe there should be any accountability, expectation of a job that's paid for being well done or of rules that should be followed. Maybe you are just one of the many sh*tty workers in this world. I am not judging that this woman will win her lawsuit; however, she certainly has the right to file one. Twobits, why do you believe a person should be held to account for watching out for themselves, but a worker shouldn't be held to account for something he builds, a government shouldn't be held to account for what they spend taxpayer money on, or an inspector shouldn't be held to account for what he inspects? We, the taxpayers, PAY for the city to DO A JOB. That job is build and maintain public areas.
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