Trading Associate

Trading Associate

Postby OKGMC » Nov 6th, 2017, 7:04 pm

Im looking for a trading friend, just feeling out what kind of interest there is for this. I would like to find someone local with whom I can discuss trading strategies. Also Id eventually possibly like to start a small trading group .

For about the last 3 years, I have been studying markets, strategies and accumulating knowledge and educational resources. This material can often get pretty expensive and I will gladly share everything I have.

Im an easy to get along with, friendly, hardworking person. I trade mostly Forex and my focus is primarily surrounding price action. However, I am open to trying new things.

I have what I feel are mostly the keys to success in this business, its just settling on a specific way of applying it, backtesting, and having discipline and a business plan in place, to capitalize on it.

I see many potential benefits to be had from working together. Shared material, and ideas, looking at things from multiple perspectives. Different strengths coming together. Having multiple people to perform backtesting etc. Two, heads are better then one!

If you are reading this and are not personally interested, but know of someone who is an active trader (not so much long term investor), then please, show them this ad! Thanks! And again, right now Im feeling out interest here, if you think you may be interested, then shoot me a call, text or email! No pressure, no commitment.

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Re: Trading Associate

Postby twobits » Nov 7th, 2017, 6:04 pm

Not interested but here is my twobits. Trading is a dangerous game akin to gambling. Only a small percentage of independent traders are successful at it. You just won't have the resources or the timely info that the Houses have. Forget the technical's and learn finance. Understand the industry of the stock thru research and read and understand the financial reports in conjunction with the required filings.
Long term outlook, as an investor is far more profitable. If the itch to trade won't leave you, then at least take your money off the table after a run and reinvest the profits after taxes on the next attractive buy. Keep your portfolio small and manageable enough that you can react quickly on good or bad news.

Edit to add- Do you think Warren Buffet looks at graphs of technical's or the Financial Statements and filings and then learns and understands where the company sits in it's growth potential?
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