Do you live at Kiwanis Van Horne?

Do you live at Kiwanis Van Horne?

Postby Hermes » Dec 14th, 2017, 9:10 pm

Care to share your experience of the pluses and minuses of the place? Or in fact any subsidized housing in the southern Okanagan? Kiwanis has a good reputation and probably a two hundred person waiting list! That's OK, I have three years to retirement age.

Getting my wish list narrowed down. As I don't have one foot in the grave I'd rather not be in some marginal or isolated community where everybody is a geezer. I still cycle, not wheelchair it. But money is an issue. Abbott Towers has a nice location but has questionable tenants based on all the news I have read.

I saw something happen in the West End of Vancouver that might be relevant....

In the 1990s I operated a service business where I entered the homes of many apartment dwellers. There were several buildings that at the beginning were seniors only (and a small minority of genuinely disabled folk). Not 50+, or 55+ plus 60 or 65 + I am certain. Anyway, then our beloved government emptied the big mental hospital and a lot of street people got into hard drugs. Plus there was some court challenge or something. Anyway, the nature of these buildings changed - from normal old people to mental cases and drug addicts. I want to avoid such places and live in a wholesome mixed community: families, semi-geezers, immigrants, seniors, disabled. However when I hang around to see who is living at my community subsidized housing, here is what I observe: Middle Eastern immigrants (Syria, Afghanistan, Iran) with large families and old 'European' widows (80+) crocheting. I ran away in terror...
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