Best US bank for Osoyoos residents?

Best US bank for Osoyoos residents?

Postby Hermes » Feb 16th, 2018, 12:49 pm

I mean easy for Canadians to open, good value services (low fees) and they keep your financial info private. I prefer smaller independent banks but a bigger one that has branches in other border towns (such as Bellingham, WA) would be useful.

I haven't opened a US bank account in 30 years. I hear it has become a hassle.

Has anyone here opened a bank account across the border with US cash?
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Re: Best US bank for Osoyoos residents?

Postby Bsuds » Feb 16th, 2018, 1:07 pm

Why would you need a US Located Bank account?
We have a US dollar account and a US Visa card from a Canadian Bank that we use when travelling in the States.
Works just fine for that.

It may not be easy to do either.

https://onlinetaxman.com/us-bank-accoun ... residents/
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