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Postby Bunnyhop » Feb 26th, 2018, 8:00 am

twobits wrote:
fluffy wrote:It's not just the lighter taxes, it's also cheaper labour and less regulatory restrictions. Yes, business is essentially about the bottom line, but carrying that logic to it's inevitable outcome means a shrinking middle class and a nation of low income earners

And to that I will have to reply that in a Country like Canada, unless you are truly disadvantaged by physical or mental disability, there is no reason to be a low income earner. The opportunities are clearly there for anyone and everyone to succeed. A world class education system, paid training through EI and social services should there be an unforeseen life event.
I am sorry but the only people in this country that should earn lower wages are the ones that don't put an effort into getting a higher wage. As far as I am concerned, the only reason we have full time jobs at fast food and starbucks beyond entry level and students is because there is a gdam labour pool provided by people that don't bother to improve themselves. I'd be happy if every burger joint or starbucks closed down because our labour force was motivated to take advantage of the opportunities available to them and didn't supply them with a cheap labour pool to exploit.
Instead we have socialist gov'ts propping up people with "living wages" that couldn't be bothered to take advantage of the skills training that is so obviously available and so obviously needed.
Instead, we prop up the lazy and unmotivated with artificial labour rates.

Edit to add- And stop this nonsense of foreign worker importation to make fast food or pour timmies coffee. If they can't pay a wage to to flip burgers or pour coffee that people are willing to pay the true cost of, they should not be in business. So sorry for those of you that like garbage food and don't know how to operate a Keurig. These businesses have redefined the notion of moving manufacturing offshore because of cheaper labour. Instead, they just import the cheap labour to depress what would be a market driven wage locally.

Completely agree with you on this Twobits. Its not always easy to take advantage of the opportunity to better oneself but rarely is it impossible.
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