Urban deer problem or urban human problem ?

Re: Urban deer problem or urban human problem ?

Postby C3PO » Jul 17th, 2019, 7:11 pm

health problem for humans. deer carry upwards of 300 ticks. Ticks are all year long not just from April to October. The ticks winter over on the deer. When the deer visit your yard, some tend to fall off.After sending just 20 ticks in for testing to find what bacteria was in them, the result came back that all the ticks had Rickettsia, which is the bacterium for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and there was a lot of Franscilla(Tularemia). Tularemia is also known as rabbit Fever. Centre for Disease control and interior health has said not to worry. Both BCCDC and Interior health tell us that we don't have the Black legged deer tick(Ixodes scapularis or the Ixodes Pacificus) in the Okanagan. I have since learned that these entities have suppressed the truth to the public since the 1940's. Doctors still to this date have not been educated or trained in treating. (Ask your own doctor)

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