How do these accidents happen?

Re: How do these accidents happen?

Postby johnhodgson » Nov 22nd, 2018, 11:00 pm

Why does anyone who learns to drive , drive with two feet? you might think its a 2 second faster that way, but your brain fails to realize which foot to push to stop. please use one foot at a time people. just saying.
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Re: How do these accidents happen?

Postby rustled » Nov 23rd, 2018, 9:51 am

You can fail a road test for doing it in BC (even though it is not illegal). Here's a driving school instructor's take on that: ... t-braking/

Interesting that in Ontario, you will not fail: ... no-no.html

And here's why some folk do it, in a piece from down under:
...for this article we’ll take 'driving with both feet' to mean using both feet simultaneously on both accelerator and brake.

While it is not formally illegal as per the laws of the states and territories of Australia to drive with both feet at the same time, you are making life far more difficult for yourself.

Now we need to take a minute out to tell all you boy racers out there to settle down. Heel-and-toe or left-foot braking techniques are of no use on public roads, and will only serve to confuse inexperienced drivers, or drivers unfamiliar with the car they’re piloting.

The heel-and-toe technique relies on applying the brake pedal with your toes of your right foot and blipping the accelerator with your right heel to rev-match the engine to the gearbox as you downshift into a corner, while depressing the clutch with your left foot.

The heel-toe manoeuvre was popular in racing circles back in the day, when non-synchromesh transmissions needed to be spun to precisely the right engine RPM for lightning-fast racing shifts. These days it is largely irrelevant.

There may be times where you need to use both feet to operate the controls in an emergency or during an unforeseen circumstance, and this is one reason why our various state and territory road rules don’t make it illegal to use both feet while driving – just in case you come across such a situation. ... time-68062

Boy racers, huh? LOL.
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