Police hold mini-forums....Penticton

Police hold mini-forums....Penticton

Postby dle » Jan 8th, 2019, 7:03 am

https://www.castanet.net/news/Penticton ... ini-forums

Why don't our Kelowna police do this?

Penticton at least seems to be TRYING TO DO SOMETHING about their problems. They are trying to police things rather than just giving the druggies, thieves, vandals, destroyers etc a free rein. THERE ARE NO LAWS ANYMORE!!! It's that simple - they can do whatever they want and know it.

To me, this is the BIG difference between the majority of our City Council/Police and others....our's say "there's no easy answer", and "we can't arrest our way out of this" while doing nothing but enabling the slide to continue...things of that nature. Ours say "we are doing something, look at Journey Home, all the wet facilities we are building". Others, like Penticton, say things like "let's involve the downtown and brainstorm", "let's increase patrols" etc - they are trying to take a hard stand and DISCOURAGE drug use and crime whereas we openly ENABLE it, thereby ENCOURAGING the continued criminal behaviour.

Do we have mini-forums with the police on a regular basis where the police meet with the businesses/residents? Maybe we do and I have just missed all the news articles on it. Funny tho, I work right in the thick of things downtown and haven't seen one letter come to my office advising of any mini-forum, or a brain-storming session with the police, or any council people.

Journey Home had some input from the businesses and the business owners were up in arms and took a firm stance and when they were doing that it seemed a few things were put into place to make it better. Soon as they let their foot off the gas on their complaints though the more visible police presence has fallen off again and the vandalism etc has picked right back up. They had put on more patrols which WERE WORKING - could actually SEE cops downtown during the day - and then when things showed signs of improving a bit they slowed them down again - guess what? No cops around and things are taking a turn for the worse again.

If those of us against enabling drug use (and thereby encouraging crime) speak up against these seemingly useless methods, we are told we don't know what we are talking about, we are heartless, we are misinformed, there is no easy solution. I agree, there is no easy SOLUTION, but a good start would be bringing back law & order.

Journey Home is years away and its success or failure is also years away, yet to be unveiled Our once beautiful City, especially the downtown, will be a cesspool by then. The downtown "vulnerable & marginalized inhabitants" hate their lives so much they destroy others' just for funsies. So, what do we do about it? We build wet houses to enable them to continue on in their hated lives instead of rehabs to give them a chance at a real life. Just look at the destruction done downtown this week? I think I heard a cop caught one in the act of booting in windows.....tell me, what did he do with that guy - the report didn't say. Haul his *bleep* to jail? Extremely Doubtful. Give him a "stern" warning not to do it again and let him go? DOLLARS TO DONUTS.

Destruction, costing those affected many dollars to fix knowing it will just happen again and that their police force will do nothing about it - that's the bare bones truth of the matter. I think the druggies and thieves WANT the downtown AND KNOW they are winning...they want to force it into a slum state and drive out the businesses and the majority of City Council/Police are making it real easy for them to do that - a slam dunk.

All the residents/tourists of these fancy skyrises Mayor Nose in the Sky & his cheerleaders are approving aren't going to like their surrounds very much once they actually live here but then when those people sound a hullabaloo about it maybe then we will see some law and order.

Why would we be building wet facilities to enable them to continue on with their hated lives instead of rehabs? We are wasting our money and putting the rest of the citizenry in their sights to be victims of their drug lifestyle. It should be spent on the rehabs and dry facilities. Wet facilities - to supposedly to keep them alive to make the choice to quit themselves. Except - very very few will ever make that choice - they will either keep on drugging because they can with our help, or they will die before they can make the choice. Meanwhile the rest of the City suffers at their hands either directly or indirectly. I would actually like to see the numbers on the "successes" of wet facilities regarding Kelowna. Anyone who has actually used a wet facility and then made the choice on their own to quit a severe addiction is big news in this fight we are having. That would be a true success story and you'd think they'd be shouting it from the roof-tops with well deserved pride and proving the enabling worked for them - or the facilitators would be crowing about the plan working and see here's proof in the numbers. I'd like to read their stories.

All this is MPO. All of you who are typing furiously telling me to shut up unless I have a plan for solving it myself are entitled to yours. My plan is to keep nattering in the hopes the cops (for starters at least) begin enforcing the damn laws that already exist to protect ALL of us, not just the vandals, the thieves, the drug addicts, the destroyers. I hope all of us who feel the same keep putting it out there - maybe someone who feels the same who is in a position of power to do something real about it will take up the cause.
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Re: Police hold mini-forums....Penticton

Postby JagXKR » Jan 8th, 2019, 6:24 pm

dle wrote:Why don't our Kelowna police do this?

Penticton at least seems to be TRYING TO DO SOMETHING about their problems.

Nope. Just blah blah blah by the head piece of garbage. De Jager blames victims for being victims. He is scum. Be thankful that you don't have this excrement in your town.
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Re: Police hold mini-forums....Penticton

Postby twobits » Jan 8th, 2019, 8:04 pm

dle wrote:https://www.castanet.net/news/Penticton/246177/Police-to-hold-mini-forums

Why don't our Kelowna police do this?

Penticton at least seems to be TRYING TO DO SOMETHING about their problems.

Oh please don't you too get sucked down that rabbit hole of BS. Colonel Klink here in Penticton is just preaching to the choir. Serious crime like murders,shootings, and violent assaults are not the problem. It is the low level chit.....can't leave a bike in the yard, car window broken and car rifled cuz a loonie was on the console, shop/garage broken into. What do you get? A file number to give to your insurance adjuster so your destructible goes up.
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