Flashy copper = easy pickings

Re: Flashy copper = easy pickings

Postby Country plough boy » Jun 22nd, 2019, 1:15 pm

my5cents wrote:
fluffy wrote:Having spent a few years in construction I can agree that there is a network in place for stolen building materials, but I doubt some poor soul living out of a shopping cart is going to be a part of anything like that. I'll bet you lunch he wasn't thinking past copper=money.

As far as policing pawn shops and scrap yards, a few well placed prosecutions would go a long way to keeping them in line, but in the end a crook is a crook and easy money has an attraction all its own.

If there is any blame to be placed here it's on poorly thought out design and poorly thought through approval. How much time can we expect police to put into saving people from their own stupidity?

I agree with you that this type of theft isn't organized to the extent it was a theft to order. This was a crime of opportunity with no planning except steal and sell.

As for scrap yards and pawn shops, not only are there charges available but also business licenses.

In large cities they have strict rules governing the purchase of scrap and pawning of goods, easier to enforce those rules than Criminal Code laws, with the hammer being loss of ability to conduct business.

I have to disagree with you on the position that police shouldn't have to "save people from there own stupidity", in other words putting expensive down spouts on a building is asking for trouble.

Do we criticize people for owning an expensive vehicle, or having expensive possession in their home that could attract burglars ?

These downspouts came off a subsidized housing project
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Re: Flashy copper = easy pickings

Postby my5cents » Jun 22nd, 2019, 2:26 pm

Country plough boy wrote:These downspouts came off a subsidized housing project

Yes, I agree, a crazy use of taxpayer's money, but a different topic.

In this case we're talking how easy it is to steal copper. The solution isn't to not use copper on subsidized housing projects or any other type of project, the solution is take away the motive,,, money.

If nobody will buy the copper it won't be stolen.

A new topic,,,, What is the government doing overspending on subsidized housing ? What other hardware have they over bought on this project ? Yes government buildings, commercial heavy usage, hospitals, etc. are equipped with high end everything, because of the usage it has to last. In this case it a government funded residential building, where such heavy duty quality hardware is over-kill and a waste of public funds. This isn't the US Air Force buying a toilet seat.
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Re: Flashy copper = easy pickings

Postby twobits » Jun 22nd, 2019, 6:52 pm

my5cents wrote:
If nobody will buy the copper it won't be stolen.

What you are not factoring in is that there will always be a market for items of value.....even copper pipe at 3 bucks a pound. They are called "Fences". Some are even legitimate business license holders that have a work around. Others just stockpile on a cash basis and sell in bulk quantities that do not require the paper trail of the retail level. These crack heads know who is buying anything and everything from scrap copper to jigsaws and weedeaters. And they are happy with 10 cents on the retail dollar value.
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