Tories: Bail needs a look.....Castanet article

Tories: Bail needs a look.....Castanet article

Postby dle » Aug 13th, 2019, 6:44 am ... eds-a-look

The words coming out of this sitting MP's mouth are a perfect example of the head up the arse attitude towards crime by our governments! For example:

“There comes a time when an offender needs to be held accountable."

There comes a time?? The time is when the offender commits the crime. It's not a okay you get to commit "x" many crimes per month and then you are going to get a good talking to! WTH!

and this one:

" If they continue to commit offences while they are out on bail, then you need to hold them in custody until their trial,” he said."

If you commit a crime, get ONE bail hearing, are released on conditions, then the VERY FIRST BREACH should land your *bleep* back in the clink!

No wonder crime is rampant!

here's another good one:

"Acknowledging that laws are already on the books that should make it easier to revoke a person’s bail, Motz was not able to specify any legislation a Conservative government would bring in to reform the bail system."

Just giving lip service to make it sound like they are cognizant of the problem which statement some people will mistakenly think means they are going to actively do something about it - NOT! Typical politician, bla bla bla. None of them put their money where their mouth is.

And this one really brings on the grrr:

“I think it's important that we make sure those provisions are adhered to in a way that is respectful to the justice system,” he said. “There is a balance that needs to be held, and right now the pendulum in many circumstances has swung so far in one direction that we are letting people out because it is easier.”

Respectful to the Justice system??? WHAT justice system and also what about some SHOWING SOME RESPECT to the people the so-called Justice system is failing miserably - i.e. the non-criminals? The residents who are continuously robbed blind? The businesspeople who have to put up with the addicts and theives desecrating their places of business? The taxpayer walking down the street who is assaulted by some looneytune high on drugs?

Do the crime do the time. As for the blanket "one size fits all statement" that is bandied about ad-nauseum:

(in part)
"Motz spoke about the need to address the root causes of crime, such as mental health and addictions issues"

This is boiler plate bla bla bla. If they REALLY wanted to do something about addictions or mental health issues for isntance THEY WOULD BUILD REHABS AND MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES FOR TREATMENT, NOT WET DRUG HOUSES! To what end does putting a non-drug user who has mental challenges in with criminal junkies? To what end does putting junkies into a place that allows them to continue using drugs? How does that help either set?

Our judicial system needs a COMPLETE overhaul in order to get in step with the times. We are FAR too lenient and "look the other way" and the proof is in the number of crimes committed, the repeat offenders, the disgusting scenes all over our city streets, having to gate, arm, alarm, metal bar our homes, possessions and businesses just to TRY and keep thieves out. Heaven forbid we get a big dog to help, or put spikes on our fences to thwart entry. We would end up getting our butts thrown in jail if either caused pain to the poor thieves - but they'd still get off!

Just MHO!

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Re: Tories: Bail needs a look.....Castanet article

Postby twobits » Aug 13th, 2019, 5:22 pm

dle wrote: If they REALLY wanted to do something about addictions or mental health issues for isntance THEY WOULD BUILD REHABS AND MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES FOR TREATMENT, NOT WET DRUG HOUSES!

Just MHO!

Lol. I just posted the same thoughts on another thread not 10 minutes ago.
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