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Re: Best replacement Android tablet

Postby NotNorthAnymore » Jul 18th, 2017, 1:43 pm

So after looking and thinking it over and taking in to consideration all the comments here:
I went with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with the Pen.
Also got the keyboard and cover - scheduled to be here tomorrow.
Not an inexpensive purchase from BBuy but will suit my evil porpoises.

32k and has a micro SD Slot for expanding memory.
Will see if I need it later.
Seems fast - responsive and since it is the same brand as my phone - next to no learning curve.

Comes with the newest Type C USB adapter for power and connections.
Have tested it out for Teamviewer since I plan on taking on the road and connecting to my desktop.
Can even plug in a mouse and use that (easier to use mouse with Teamviewer than touchscreen).
Battery says it will last 19 hours in current configuration, we will see.

I did look at the Google Chromebook, but even though the price point is great - the features are lacking in what I needed.

So if anyone is looking for an ASUS TF700T - with keyboard - chargers and cover - PM me for details

Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions.
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Re: Best replacement Android tablet

Postby Urban Cowboy » Jul 18th, 2017, 2:53 pm

^^ I think you'll be happy with that.

I've been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 2014 Edition for the last three years. It also has a micros SD slot and 32GB built in storage.
It hasn't missed a beat and easily goes all day on a charge, plus as you say it's less of a learning curve when your phone is the same brand.
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