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Cell plans

PostPosted: Nov 10th, 2017, 6:11 pm
by Bman
The plan for the phones I use in my company is soon due for renewal.
I believe my current plan provides 2 g data per phone, unlimited na calling and texting plus the regular call displays and voice mails. I'm paying a bit under 65 per phone that includes the supply of new s6's and just under 45 for the lines that didn't receive new hardware.
This was on a 24 month obligation that's almost at an end.
I won't be upgrading any hardware at this time, so at the most I'll be paying is 45 ish per line if I renew with the same cell peeps. I don't see it increasing.
Anyone have a corporate plan that costs less, and if so how much and thru who.
I'm looking for a direction to launch my inquiries, I'm not interested in calling every call center on the planet trying to negotiate with another language to save a buck a phone.
Lol. I'm so cheap. However, I doubt I'll save much but it's worth asking.

Re: Cell plans

PostPosted: Nov 10th, 2017, 6:44 pm
by GordonH
Could maybe start by looking at which cellphone providers has best tower coverage, here is a map.