Shaw - Southern Interior ?

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Shaw - Southern Interior ?

Postby my5cents » Feb 4th, 2018, 12:43 pm

A heads up for any customer of Shaw in at least Summerland, possibly further areas......

I noticed today that on my Gateway electronic channel guide that several channels didn't have any program information and that their corresponding icon, that is usually in color, with a icon of the network plus wording was just a grey TV screen.

I found 12 channels from the channels I subscribe to.

The actual channel works you just don't know from the guide what is coming on.

BUT the other problem is that all PVR recording are generated from the guide, so no guide no recording on that channel.

Also if you had a series recording on any of the channels affected they won't work and even after Shaw fixes the problem, those series recording won't be reinstated automatically, you'll have to manually reset them.

For me, there are shows that are now on hiatus that won't be on for months, if I don't make a note and locate those shows when they show up on the guide about two weeks before they are televised I will miss out on them.

If you think you are affected check, channel 11, or 211. If there is no program information for those channels you should check what else you won't be seeing.
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