Did you know fall is a "few days away" ?

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Did you know fall is a "few days away" ?

Postby my5cents » Aug 28th, 2017, 10:50 am

Castanet Headline, today 28 Aug 2017 at 10:47 AM
Writer Madison Erhardt

    Summer sticks around

    September may be only a few days away, but summer is still in the air.
    The Okanagan is in for a hot week.
    Environment Canada forecasts a high of 33 C today and sunshine with local smoke.
    Tuesday should see a high of 34 C and sun, beating the seasonal average of 31 C.
    Wednesday, more of the same – 33 C and all sun all the time.
    Thursday and Friday are looking beautiful, too, with highs of 28 C under clear skies and sunshine.
    The first weekend of fall, won't feel like fall at all.
    Saturday and Sunday are looking like the perfect chance to hit the water or beach with highs of 30 C and sun all day long.

"The first weekend of fall, won't feel like fall at all." - Gee, you must have a better weatherman than I do. You see "Fall", called the September Equinox by some, will be at 1:01 PM on September 22nd. September 22nd being a Friday, makes the first weekend of fall, Saturday and Sunday the 23 and 24th of September. Usually the weather people only forecast a week or less in advance.

Do they not teach in school that the first of September is NOT fall ?

OK, the writer was given the job of writing (trying to write) this piece and got it wrong, isn't there an editor that knows when fall is ?

Being that there are 30 days in September and the "first weekend of fall" will start on the 23rd of September, even a wild uninformed guess as to when fall begins would likely be closer than the 23 days off she was.

Yes, I know a lot feel that the first of September is "sort of" the end of summer, then lets say that in the article, but to come out and say "The first weekend of fall...." come on.

Yes, Summer will be sticking around. As of today, for 24 more days..... and yes, this weekend it WILL feel "like" summer, in fact not only will it "Feel" like summer, IT IS SUMMER !

To those of us who discuss new items and get in a tither because the information in Castanet was..... Perhaps some of those Castanet accounts of events are at best close approximations of fleeting ideas that popped into a "reporters" head.

(Jack Webster just rolled over in his grave when I used the word "reporter" in the same paragraph as "Castanet")

Instead of a "Report a Typo" link at the bottom of stories, we need a "Report a Completely Incorrect Fact Free Story that Should be Re-Written or Deleted Entirely" link.
"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven't got it"

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Re: Did you know fall is a "few days away" ?

Postby Bsuds » Aug 28th, 2017, 1:13 pm

For some people I would suppose that their little ankle biters going back to School would signify the end of Summer or at the least time for a celebration. :up:
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Re: Did you know fall is a "few days away" ?

Postby Glacier » Aug 28th, 2017, 1:36 pm

Meteorologists consider September 1st the first day of Fall; astronomers consider September 21st or 22nd the first day of fall. Since this is an article about the weather, it makes sense that they'd reference the first day of meteorological Fall.

Winter = Dec, Jan, Feb
Spring = Mar, Apr, May
Summer = Jun, Jul, Aug
Fall = Sep, Oct, Nov
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