Predator, prey, scavenger & gods.

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Predator, prey, scavenger & gods.

Postby Opeeved » Aug 30th, 2017, 11:03 am

The last couple of days I've been noticing and thinking something about forums. And it goes to, and comes back to this: that some may call hypothesis, others nonsense, and still others to both,.and the ever-seeing eye.

What I've noticed in so simple terms. For my thoughts aren't paid and time taken away for quite literally way more important things than entertaining you :)

We have the herd- those that follow "the rules" without question. It's for the greater good. A Wilde beast spooks and all herd members bolt, even though it was a Cerval that jumped, to cause the spook.

The predator- largely defines the rules for the herd. The herd runs only to leave the infirm and young behind, which was the the original strategy of the predator. Why take on the bull when his calves and mother will do?

The scavenger- Watches both predator and prey, and moves in when timing is right; only end trails or theft left. Why do the dirty work?

The gods- those in charge of all, carve the rules in stone and smite when necessary.

All in fun, but somehow truthful. Besides, I amused myself.

"Blame it on my ADD, baby- SAIL!"
This post was brought to you, by, the letter F, Q and the number 8
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