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Postby cutter7 » Jan 14th, 2010, 8:17 am

quietlywatching84 wrote:
As i read the comments here on saving a few dollars and it affecting our economy it could be argued that cheating a bit on taxes actually helps fuel our economy. If we wind up paying 60 percent of our dollar to various taxes, at the end of the day there is not much left to spend to support our local economy. If somebody saved say 60 bucks paying cash they might go out and spend it on a dinner or clothes and that helps provide jobs to people who do pay tax. the tax man gets his share anyway and someone has helped fuel the local economy.

Doesn't change a thing. All your tax money goes back into the economy anyways. Taxes merely provide services at the state level (with some exceptions).

For a simple example, the government taxes you $5, they turn around and spend $5 on roads (built by construction workers), hospitals (run by medical professionals) and so on and so forth. Those people use that money to by goods and services right back into the economy.

Glacier's point is right as well, the burden merely shifts onto the people who pay taxes, that is really the only person who gets hurt in this instance.

what i was trying to argue is this, You have already paid your fair share of tax . income tax, property tax and sales tax on almost every dollar to the point you don't have a spare dollar to help fuel the economy. cheating a bit gives some people extra money that gets spent right back in the economy and winds up right back in the tax mans hands anyway.
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