Mussels headed our way

Re: Mussels headed our way

Postby Urban Cowboy » Mar 7th, 2018, 2:56 pm

gman313 wrote:
zzontar wrote:Every boat launch should have impossible to miss signage about the mussels along with the massive fine amount in HUGE NUMBERS.

In a perfect world every boat launch would have an inspector 24/7

Unfortunately still wouldn't work, since you are operating under the assumption that everyone uses a public boat launch when they don't.

As has been touched on already, a guy could simply pull over at the side of the road along Wood Lake for example, and toss in his inflatable dingy with tiny outboard motor.

You'd could have inspectors standing arms length, around every body of water in the province, and still have just one mussel make it through.

Personally I feel resources would be better spent, on science finding a successful way to address the problem, these creatures create.
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