Just like fast food workers

Re: Just like fast food workers

Postby my5cents » Oct 9th, 2017, 12:33 pm

forumdoug wrote:Agreed, this job is meant to be a "stepping stone job," with frequent turnover, hence the lower pay scale. Moreover, escorting prisoners to and from cell block area within the Kelowna RCMP detachment, as I understand Commissionaires' job descriptions that are publicly available, is done alongside a trained RCMP member. So, really, I don't see why this job should require any higher skills, educational requirements and, accordingly, pay than any other private security company job? Now, should all private security companies pay more? Probably, yes, but market forces will dictate that and simply increasing pay and benefits wildly will make Commissionaires uncompetitive at contract renewal time (and maybe it's time for a different company to have the contract; change is good, much like maybe it's time Securiguard or Paladin Security take over the Kelowna Parking contract from Impark for awhile) and likely be outbid. That's why I think it was foolish for the employees to unionize in a highly competitive environment. They've just basically given up part of their salaries to union dues. :(

Working with the BC Sheriff's Service or with BC Corrections would be natural "next steps," as would joining the Kelowna RCMP or municipal or transit police department outside of Kelowna for any Commissionaires employee. Commissionaires does employ retired police officers but again, here the retired police or military officer is likely looking for a "side job" to supplement their pension benefits from the police service or military. :)


Leaves one to wonder why there needs to be a Commissionaire to escort the prisoner if they have a RCMP member present.

If I was running an organization, unless the job was completely unimportant and risk free (as much as possible) I wouldn't want to risk it on low wage employees. There are so many risks.

One risk we haven't addressed and in no way am I suggesting that it's happening, but if you've got very low wage employees with little qualifications, there is the risk of them seeking "pay" in other ways.

I agree with most of what you said, but one can't "join the Kelowna RCMP", you join the RCMP and go where you're put.
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Re: Just like fast food workers

Postby forumdoug » Oct 9th, 2017, 1:45 pm

Fair point; I should've said "join the RCMP," and left out the Kelowna part. My bad. I apologize for the haste in posting and not proofreading as closely as I should have. :)

You do raise an excellent point, though, why have Commissionaires at all? Or, at least, why involve Commissionaires in prisoner escorts? Shouldn't they just serve meals, watch surveillance cameras, particularly for signs of distress or aggressive behaviour and alert the appropriate RCMP member(s) on duty?

Basically, while it sounds like hiring additional RCMP members is an appropriate solution, if we feel that's needed (I don't agree though - I see value in private security but limit their involvement to non-essential duties) because you're going to be paying the same (if not more) to hire a civilian employee of the City of Kelowna doing the same tasks as a Commissionaire.

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