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Postby Grandan » Oct 17th, 2017, 1:29 pm

northglenmore2012 wrote:Grandan I agree with you. I have also seen on numerous occasions trucks using Union road to Valley as a shortcut to Sexsmith. But what can you do. Making calls to Roadways or Traffic is futile. The road forman and/or traffic manager couldn't care less. I don't know if its their ego or just plain lazy or maybe they have no authority. If not who is responsible that action takes place. Maybe set up road block, but then I don't think I would like to spend time in jail. Can we not video them and pass it off to ???? and a ticket is issued. Its sooo frustrating.

Thank you northglenmore2012 for your support!
The city is aware of the the problem but it would seem there needs to be a serious injury or death before they will spring with the resources to help solve the problem.
During the building of the traffic circle at Longhgill, Cross and Valley Roads, all the traffic was shuttled onto the Valley Road N Sexsmith corridor and particularily the non truck route 200 block Valley Road N.
Traffic was doubled on this section and it was not uncommon to see traffic backed up from Union to Sexsmith,a distance of 2/3 of a Kilometre.
I use the feedback section to contact the city and provide details of illegal truck traffic. I also make complaint directly to the RCMP using the non emergency number. If I am the only person complaining there is less possibility that any action is taken.
I can only assume that there is collusion between the City and local businesses to not take any action whatsoever.
It has reached the point where there are more heavy trucks than cars travelling on this section of road at times.
I have contacted the city for better signage to indicate this is not a truck route but to no avail. I'm told it meets current standards.
I contacted the police and all they did was stop contractors with pickup trucks that might have had too big of a trailer or a loose load instead of addressing the real problem.
I have contacted the companies themselves but nothing changes and do you know how many different phone calls that would be? Apparently freestanding portable signs on roadsides is a priority rather than protecting the large number of pedestrians using this busy corridor which at last count handles 10,000 vehicles per day.
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