Boat accident on Okanagan Lake...

Re: Boat accident on Okanagan Lake...

Postby Leifer » Oct 17th, 2017, 2:37 pm

People make mistakes....hopefully they survive to learn a lesson.

A story from back in my younger (and dumber) days. I had taken my folks boat (30' Carver) out for some Springs/Coho just outside of Northwest bay (Nanoose Bay area on the island).
I was solo and had just released a undersized Coho caught while trawling around on the kicker. I bent down on the swim grid to clean my hands when a fairly large wave came out of nowhere and caught me broadside. Into the drink I go....fully clothed and with no PFD. The motor was out of gear (thank god) and I spun around and started swimming hard after the boat as the wind blew it out of my reach.
I remember berating myself out loud (you stupid fecking idiot...this is how you die!!).

Anyhoo....managed to catch the boat and climb aboard to live another day.
I was a couple of Kilometers offshore and would not have made it back if I had not been able to catch the boat.
I learned several good lessons in that foul up and took my time on the water allot more serious afterwards.

True story. :130:
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Re: Boat accident on Okanagan Lake...

Postby motokelowna1 » Oct 19th, 2017, 9:32 am

Probably drives like that on the road as well. Now how about a magnetic kill switch just like a sea doo wrapped to your wrist or just slow down....
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