Used needle found in playground

Re: Used needle found in playground

Postby youjustcomplain » Oct 23rd, 2017, 8:43 am

BigBearBruno wrote:I just posted about this in the OD thread. City needs to crack down on this issue instead of coddling these losers with hugs and kisses. Junkies do not care one bit about anyone else's needs but their own. And yet they expect handouts and help. And GET IT. Tears, sympathy, hugs and kisses from the advocates that they're all "good people" going through a "bad time" ... Needs to stop.

What would the crack down look like? You want it done, so I'm sure you have the solution. If you don't, then what the hell are you talking about?

Who is coddling addicts with hugs and kisses? The addicts are already the focus of most peoples disdain. I don't think you understand what an addict is. You paint them all with the same brush as if they're all the same; they're not. Also, why do you call them junkies? It sounds, a lot, like an attempt to dehumanize them so you don't need to feel guilt about the way you describe them. (I realize junkie is a synonym of addict)

Nobody is claiming all addicts are good people going through a bad time. Nobody. That kind of description is only used by people, like yourself, to try and undermine the efforts to help the addicts. Some addicts are functioning, tax paying, members of society. Some are homeless with severe mental health issues, and the rest likely fall somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. They're not all tossing needles in playgrounds and out trying to make the city look like a slum.

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Re: Used needle found in playground

Postby techrtr » Oct 25th, 2017, 10:51 am

Turn them into Soylent Green.
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