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Postby Queen K » Oct 31st, 2017, 8:03 pm

southy wrote:Instead of thinking rail (cost prohibitive) why not a regional bus service. Northern Ontario has Northern Bus Lines owned by the province and is a great competitor to Greyhound with great schedules and fares. Why couldn't someone create Okanagan Bus Lines. Company could be funded and controlled by all three cities or involve the regional districts. It would run multi-times from Osoyoos to Vernon daily basis with additional scheduled runs between the major centres and perhaps Kelowna Airport but it could be a great revenue produce and provide a needed service. Would also get a large number of vehicles off the road. Not sure how BC Transit would feel but hey are they really servicing our areas? Better than rail. Marketed properly could be a wonderful alternative for tourists as well.

Iceland does this with bus transit. :up:
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Re: The Okanagan Loop

Postby tylerdaniels » Nov 1st, 2017, 8:24 am

JayByrd wrote:
tylerdaniels wrote:I think this sounds as silly as when those people who ran for council in the last election who wanted to dig up the street to downtown and fill it with the lake water so it was more accessible to boaters.

Wasn't that an April Fool's joke?

Oh it was very real (stupid) idea by taxpayers first in 2014. ... -1.2834124

Personally I see this rail just being something that would be quite scenic but would lack access to high population centres, people use public transit to get to work, school or shopping and this loop wouldn't directly hit most of these areas which would mean it would only serve tourists for the most part.
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Re: The Okanagan Loop

Postby AlienSoldier » Nov 2nd, 2017, 4:12 am

A streetcar loop could work for a city the size of Kelowna and its surrounding area's. Doing this now compared to 10 years from now when the density will be greater would be more cost effective.

I work in the industry in Ontario and always wondered why the Okanagan has never promoted transit more. Its a healthier lifestyle, cheaper on peoples wallet in the long run, brings in business as people learn to leave the car and hope in and out of stores and connects communities. Communities smaller than Kelowna and the Okanagan are being connected everywhere with similar streetcar tracks as a way thrive, help and grow.

If nothing else, something of this calibre should at the minimum be looked at by Council as an alternative option.
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