How do you spell dumb?

Re: How do you spell dumb?

Postby Fancy » Nov 16th, 2017, 12:38 am

voice of reason wrote:this is totally an inside job . someone knew that it was in there.

I'm thinking the same.
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Re: How do you spell dumb?

Postby dirtybiker » Nov 16th, 2017, 12:58 am

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Re: How do you spell dumb?

Postby ken531a » Nov 16th, 2017, 8:36 am

putting assets in to gold and silver and hiding in storage not a bank sounds like a divorces or bussness scam. someone tracked it down and got even.
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Re: How do you spell dumb?

Postby kgcayenne » Nov 16th, 2017, 9:13 am

Bman wrote:don't buy his two day response time.

The article is so vague where that is concerned, if the owner were out of town, then it would be reasonable for there to be a delay. Unless, of course, he's got the one-up on teleportation.

I believe a number of paranoid people with money might be concerned about global instability and be converting their liquid assets into gold. The US has emptied the gold reserves and when other countries decide to call-in their gold, all hell is going to break loose.

Two kinds of people buy super-spendy statues: wealthy people who have made it to the top of the financial pyramid, and people who want to pretend they're at the top of that financial pyramid. It would not at all surprise me if someone pointed out that those on the periphery of organized crime fit mostly into the latter category; they might also convert their liquid capital into something like gold.

Either way, it was likely inside job; someone would have to have known.
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Re: How do you spell dumb?

Postby Even Steven » Nov 16th, 2017, 11:08 am

I doubt it's insurance thing simply because I doubt you can take out such a policy without paying through your nose for it. They know how easy it is to break into a storage facility, they're not dumb. Besides, even if you could take out such a policy, it would be cheaper to rent a safety deposit box where it's virtually impossible to steal from.

I have some gold bullions we bought just for kicks, and they're sitting in a bank deposit box. Never have worry about. I don't think I'd store anything of value in a place where anybody (almost) can walk up to it, knock off a cheap lock, and simply take it.

And another thing - the sculpture value is not obvious. Whoever took it knew the worth of it. If it was just petty thieves they'd take the gold, silver, coins and wouldn't even bother with art.
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Re: How do you spell dumb?

Postby oneh2obabe » Nov 16th, 2017, 11:55 am

Even Steven wrote:And another thing - the sculpture value is not obvious. Whoever took it knew the worth of it. If it was just petty thieves they'd take the gold, silver, coins and wouldn't even bother with art.

Eye of the Flame was designed by Frederick Hart in 1986 and offered in a limited edition of 300 sculptures. Current value, depending on condition, range from $10K - $15K.
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Re: How do you spell dumb?

Postby Queen K » Nov 17th, 2017, 9:50 pm

I don't believe you'd even have to know anything about art to want it. Even if you knew nothing about art, the artist or the value, anyone would recognize it as something to steal for sheer beauty.
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