Lake Country's Ron Volk - you go Ron !!!!!!!

Re: Lake Country's Ron Volk - you go Ron !!!!!!!

Postby lightspeed » Nov 24th, 2017, 7:31 pm

60-YEARS-in-Ktown wrote:

The difference is, Spooker realizes the Rail trail is a thing... and other don't yet realize that its a thing or how BIG a thing it can be..
My thoughts are , it will take care of its own cost quite nicely. .
And it will do so, long before the naysayers come on here and admit that it is happening.
The benefits will start next year, before its even Been 2 years and then we will all see.. and it wont even be finished and people will be coming..

Why are we already in the hole then? Mismanaged by donkeys in cheap suits.

You're cut from the same cloth as Spooker. Same agenda.
"Why does everyone in Kelowna act like they're in Hollywood"

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