"Stuck in the Middle"

"Stuck in the Middle"

Postby Raven1 » Dec 3rd, 2017, 9:46 am

https://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/2 ... the-middle

Interesting report. Accurate to a degree but....

Yes Kelowna is "stuck in the middle" between Vancouver and Calgary. As long as there are no forward thinking individuals advising the mayor and council, the continuation of development and growth will be the beginning of the end.

Kelowna needs some heavy hitters that have an alignment with Victoria and Ottawa (no matter what party is at the helm) in order to move beyond the congested bottleneck it has become. Growth is something that needs to be managed effectively in order for communities to prosper. At the moment the only effect is Kelowna is a desirable location that people want to reside in.

There is more to responsible growth than space in which to build developments. Responsible growth also takes into consideration business and employment aspects for the residents of those developments. There is very little industry left that provided liveable wages. The service industry, while required, just doesn't sustain livelihood.
I have wondered for some time if the Mayor and council of Kelowna have educated and qualified advisors on their team, or if city hall is simply a glorified Jamaican bobsled team.

Where Kelowna goes from here is in deed a unique question, but no matter what it will always be "stuck in the middle" between the major cities of creative growth.

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Re: "Stuck in the Middle"

Postby lightspeed » Dec 3rd, 2017, 10:03 am

As it grows, it's appeal declines proportionately.
"Why does everyone in Kelowna act like they're in Hollywood"

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Re: "Stuck in the Middle"

Postby UhHuhYeahSure » Dec 3rd, 2017, 12:13 pm

I love the sketch...sun rising/setting in the north. Hey! I'm not dissing it. It's cute.

I always get a giggle out of comments from folks in Kelowna that we need a Skytrain with some even suggesting it crossing the puddle.

I'm sure most of these folks compare pickle prices between Wal Mart and Superstore but can't get their minds around billion dollar government expenditures.

Kelowna will continue to stumble along with a village mentality, over zealous regulation (in reality, suffered by any Canadian city), self righteous local politicians and a population who think the place is better than beer in cans, sliced bread or Wayne Gretsky when he was in Edmonton.

Just as in the article, Kelowna is in the middle on that footing as well. You just need to travel a little more than the all inclusive week at the Holiday Inn in Mazatlan and you'll realize there are a lot of nice places in the world that may not suffer the same political and economic shortcomings that Ktown has had for decades.

Kelowna is not in the middle. It is still pretty much a village of the established families and affected by frustrated planners who couldn't make it in Vancouver or Toronto and choose to impose machinations of their mail order degrees on a population largely of hillbillies who wear Mexican Rolex's and stilettos to the rodeo.

And I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I like rodeos.
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Re: "Stuck in the Middle"

Postby Mrmarvingardens » Dec 3rd, 2017, 1:20 pm

Just when I thought this was going to be another boring Sunday, I have just read the comments from uhuyea sure...
Hilarious...and so true.
We have a billboard mayor, presiding over 2 legged lemmings, most of who couldn't find their way home on a dark night with a high powered flashlight.
Collectively council believe the housing problem in Kelowna will be solved by giving tax relief for 10 years to builders to build shabbily designed rental units :eg. (KLO ROAD) charging atrocious rents by speculators that have (sold out) before the foundation concrete has set.Units that start construction before they are approved by council( Mission Group on Enterprise)
Have you heard that Kelowna builders are in the running for the Shed Roof Award that now dominate the new construction?.
The latest quotes from the mayor:"good urban Planning"...on the homeless:" 'the grocery carts are stolen, and we will return them to the owners"Claim your belongings for 50 dollars"And we have hired a social housing manager." Mr mayor, what happened to the s.h.m. that was hired 15 years ago?
And so it goes...Until the citizens rise up and get rid of the special interest groups that purloin land for information booths, block library walls of glass with holes drilled for a doorway for access to the library, restaurants on the roof that were not approved, restaurants and coffee shops on the main floor, and then call themselves a technology centre, this continued "self praise of a city that is in danger of imploding on itself due to haphazard planning, or none at all will continue, and will only get worse

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