What is the total of new Townhomes in Glenmore 1000+??

Re: What is the total of new Townhomes in Glenmore 1000+??

Postby Jflem1983 » Dec 25th, 2017, 6:30 pm

Kelowna is pretty safe from earthquakes though. So safe that companies are putting back up servers here in case something were to happen in San Jose
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Re: What is the total of new Townhomes in Glenmore 1000+??

Postby Grandan » Dec 27th, 2017, 8:31 am

Grandan wrote:.
Problems are best resolved before construction through Engineering solutions, not afterward.
Your lack of confidence in Engineering suggests that you either don't understand the building permit process or don't have any confidence that there are solutions to the problems you describe.
My background is engineering design, I designed subdivisions among other things.
I would be much more suspect of anything built in the downtown area near the lake where soils are saturated from a high water table.
The Grand floats on a raft of concrete some 8ft thick, others have pilings to limit settlement. Pre-loading appears to a method of choice to consolidate the saturated soils.

Terris wrote:I have witnessed engineers being screamed at and otherwise humiliated in front of their peers by "developers" who are unhappy about the costs associated with properly engineering some of the projects that currently exist or are being proposed.

I've commented on the ground issues with The Grand development and the proposed hotel on the old Willow Inn site in other threads.

A relative of mine, until very recently, worked for Stantech Engineering and I had several lengthy conversations about the way some developments are being pushed by developers, mainly out-of-towners who are used to using their money as a battering ram to get what they desire, but lack a clear understanding of the rather unique geology under our feet here in Kelowna.

Their are other, deeper ground structure issues besides water table, displacement and subsidence problems that engineering methods, (i.e., preloading) will not mitigate. One of those issues being a major seismic event.

Downtown Kelowna and, unfortunately the hospital, the new RCMP building and downtown Fire Hall will not fare well at all during any seismic over 4 on the Richter scale.

Glenmore Valley itself sits on top of one of the major faultlines crossing the Kelowna glacial till kame delta. The clay deposits there are from the last ice age and every structure being built there directly displace the one or several others beside it.

The problems there are already manifest.

Little thought or planning by engineers (even though they should be aware of it) to a probable seismic event is being done here because there is little glamour in that for a developer who is only looking to fulfill a desire to create a money making structure..

It's all about the money and I believe that local "developers", and especially the out-of-towners need to be held to account for the life of the development...

We as taxpayers can't afford to continue paying for all the problems being left behind, after the fact, by unchecked, "development".

Developers here have been ruining things for the last 50 years and it's time we took a good hard look at the results and problems.

It is the job of the COK to ensure that we don't get scammed by developers. The city of Kelowna shifts the onus onto the Engineers to ensure that buildings are properly designed.
Any time that there are engineering problems there is a strong possibility that there was a failure to follow a recommendation by an engineer.
In Burnaby there was a building that had an addition built on with a recommendation that it have piles sunk into the peat bog that is around Burnaby Lake. The owner decided that the piles were BS and built the building without them. The original building had piles and the addition sank about a foot over time. Windows broke, doors jammed shut, concrete slabs shattered. So the owner sued. Our Engineering firm uncovered the screw up, it was the owner who screwed up because he did not want to spend the money to do the job properly.
I have been on the receiving end of the screaming fits by people who do not understand that you can't fudge the design without consequences. I cannot push the COK to make things happen faster. I cannot push the Ministry of Hwys.
The approving authority has very strict guidelines for approvals which include letters of obligation that means someone is on the hook if there is a failure.
From my experience it is local based developers who have done the worst damage and the out of towners who have created some off the better developments.
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