Red Sled Plowed Away

Re: Red Sled Plowed Away

Postby Fancy » Jan 4th, 2018, 7:33 am

common_sense_guy wrote:Is it me or did a lot of people read the story wrong.

It was established it wasn't the company they phoned that did the damage.
Fancy wrote:I'd have to say the company didn't do the "right" thing as it wasn't their responsibility. They did do a "generous" thing. It would be no different if the recipients of the newspapers banded together and bought him another sled.
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Re: Red Sled Plowed Away

Postby TreeGuy » Jan 4th, 2018, 8:01 am

Fancy wrote:
macktruck wrote:I had an incident with a driver at AEL I called The Boss Dustin and he was going to look into the problem and call me back , I never did hear from him , the are all GoooD Buddys down at AEL and they would never admit to ever doing wrong . Cowards !!

Follow up in writing - emails cannot be ignored either.

common_sense_guy wrote:if you get into an accident with one of their drivers calling the office shouldn't be a call you make .you should be calling the police and your insurance company .you shouldn't even be contacting them anyway if it was a legitimate accident.. something sounds fishy with your story which would indicate you're just bad-mouthing the company. And no way am I Affiliated or have any friends in the company just to State also

Macktruck said he had an incident with a driver, not an accident. An incident could be anything, including and most likely BS.

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