Judicial System Failed Us.

Re: Judicial System Failed Us.

Postby Fancy » Feb 1st, 2018, 8:23 am

I know people are reaching but doesn't make sense if they were expecting a party later and the suspect isn't known to them.
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Re: Judicial System Failed Us.

Postby the truth » Feb 1st, 2018, 8:35 am

youjustcomplain wrote:
the truth wrote:same old *bleep* ,the cops do there jobs ,and the system lets them walk :cuss:

Or is it possible that the victim in this is the defendant?

What If you go have a fun night with a girl, then she decides to accuse you of rape. Sure, this likely doesn't happen all that often. But when you blindly believe the woman, you are opening the door to her abusing the system.

i am well a wear it happens, it happened to a male friend of mine 30 years ago,it went to trial halfway through the trial she addmitted to the judge she was lying ,all charges were dropped but the damage was done :cuss:

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Re: Judicial System Failed Us.

Postby Grandan » Feb 1st, 2018, 9:08 am

K-Dub wrote:The fact that he couldn't contain himself or his impulses (as reported by a few women in the community) while being on trial for being unable to control himself or his impulses is very telling.

If it is truly the case that buddy cannot restrain himself, sooner or later he will find himself in trouble again. If he has learned anything he will never see the inside of a courtroom again. Time will tell. He just might think he is invincible after walking free and go on to more bold actions which we may soon hear about.
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Re: Judicial System Failed Us.

Postby forumdoug » Feb 1st, 2018, 11:56 am

Here's a what I posted on the Capital News discussion thread on their social media page and/or website:

Based on the flimsy evidence I read about in the Capital News this week, and why you started covering this case all of the sudden near the end I have no idea, it seems like the appropriate verdict.

Besides, better for a guilty person to go free based on circumspect evidence or for lack of appropriate evidence than to convict someone who is completely innocent, I say. :(

Following that, I got nothing but "pushback" for only suggesting that maybe the jury actually ruled correctly here? :)

I have removed last names, as well as my own "complimentary closes," as they are not relevant here. :)

Connor "Flimsy evidence". Clearly you didn't follow any of it either. He was arrested within hours after it happened and was identified by multiple people who were there when it happened. He left his 2 friends to go "pickup beer" at the exact time it happened. Came back with no beer, and doesn't remember where he went. This guy is a clown.

Doug Connor As I read it, there was no forensic evidence. Last I checked, it's one thing to be at the scene of the crime. That's one part of a two (or multiple) part test. The second is that there has to be evidence linking the accused to the crime. From what I read in the Capital News' scant coverage (they only started covering it in their Wednesday print edition this past week), it seems highly circumspect. :(

I don't want to surmise as to his guilt or innocence but based on what little I have read, I think the jury ruled appropriately here.

Connor Doug forensic evidence isn't always available, nor is it needed. FOUR eye witnesses, and an arrest within hours. No mixed up stories, or flaky evidence. It IS black & white. I would love to hear you say "forensic evidence" is needed when this 40 year old creep crawls into your wife or daughters bed with them while they're asleep, and THEN continue so say the jury ruled correctly. Comical!

Doug Connor Right, but do we know, without any doubt, that there was a lack of a consent? Does the accused, in any way, deny such events? In the event of other [sic - should be either], we need other sources of evidence besides eyewitness accounts. I think the jury made the right decision here and, had it been tried by judge alone, I tend to think the judge would've ruled the same way based on what I've read. :(

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Re: Judicial System Failed Us.

Postby JayByrd » Feb 1st, 2018, 2:30 pm

The jury has to rule on whether the evidence presented meets the burden of proof, not simply whether they feel the accused is guilty or not. It's hard to imagine that this was all fabricated, but go back to the original post in this thread. People who have been traumatized, often have fragmented memories of what happened. It was at night, and the victims purportedly awoke to find the alleged assault taking place. Plus you have two alleged victims in this case, who will be describing the same event from different perspectives. A defence attorney will seize on that, and apply as much duress as he/she can until that testimony falls apart.

Danielson99, I think TV shows have created an unrealistic expectationof the level of investigation that goes into an incident like this. While crime scenes are investigated and physical evidence is collected, no one's combing through the bedsheets looking for a pubic hair after something like this. The resources just aren't available. Apparently the accused had been at the home earlier in the day anyway, which could easily explain any fingerprints etc.
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Re: Judicial System Failed Us.

Postby goodswimmer » Feb 1st, 2018, 7:40 pm

Its pretty messed up!!! thought he would go to jail for sure.
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