Moose On The Loose

Re: Moose On The Loose

Postby WalterWhite » Mar 6th, 2018, 8:00 pm

trapp wrote:Just to correct the newscast. You do not relocate wildlife, when you move wildlife to a new area it is translocate.

Relocation: technically means moving the animal from one spot to another, whether the movement be 2 inches or two miles. The problem with this word is that it is most often used to refer to that activity of moving an animal out of its home area.
Translocation: is a technical term meaning to move an animal to an entirely new area, usually a considerable distance away from where the animal was found.

I see what you're saying trapp, and am in no way disputing your knowledge and experience of wildlife matters - however it could be considered that since it's still within the area of West Kelowna as reported that it is technically within it's home range and therefore relocation would be the correct term, no?
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Re: Moose On The Loose

Postby bbmyster_1 » Mar 6th, 2018, 10:00 pm

...Wonder if Millie Knew what her name was ?... Probably not !...and I highly doubt she was roaming around thinking to herself..." OMG !, They gave me a name , That's the Last thing I need right now !!! "... [icon_lol2.gif]

Lets just be thankful that they were able to relocate her away from the community & out of harms way for both the public & herself !!... Safe Travels Miss Moose and once again , Thank You for the visit !!! , I can now cross off Having A Moose In My Backyard from my Bucket List Of " Rare Things I Have Seen In My Life " :up:[/quote]

I started a reply to explain my meaning - but then gave up - just because.[/quote]

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