City of Vernon Budget

City of Vernon Budget

Postby Ingevan22 » Jan 18th, 2013, 10:12 am

I was surprised to read what Council is considering chopping from this year's budget:
leaf pick-up and spring chipping???

The Morning Star's editorial is apparently suggesting that it may be reasonable to save $117,000 per year by deleting these valuable WASTE REDUCING services, because some other, unnamed, communities do not have this service. Anyone else have a problem with this? Let me tell you, $117K is a total pittance compared to the rest of the budget. We already pay more for garbage and recycling than we used to, so now we should accept that the City might just delete these 'environmentally friendly' services?

Other communities also don't bother with an extremely expensive and difficult to expand Spray Irrigation Program, instead they save more than $2 million a year by returning their treated water back to the lake, for reuse as drinking water.

Councillor Nicol, here's a thought about the "public outrage" that you suggest should be happening:
If lake discharge truly should ring any alarm bells, don't you think the residents of Kelowna and Penticton, who get their drinking water from Okanagan Lake, would have spoken up long ago? I realize you receive a lot of hysterical letters from older folks, who still refuse to believe our multi-million dollar sewer plant is capable of treating our wastewater to the highest standard, despite all evidence to the contrary. Meanwhile, Kelowna and Penticton residents, they're the ones who have to suck that water back out of the lake to eventually drink it from their taps, and surely, they'd be raising alarm bells if there was indeed any cause for concern.

Councillor O'Keefe apparently doesn't realize that massive amounts of spray irrigation above neighhourhoods that are serviced by septic and located above Okanagan Lake, does not exactly show how "there's a real passion about how we look after the lake". Yes sadly, I am currently the unwitting accomplice of a city-sponsored pollution program of Okanagan Lake!

Now if that isn't cause for "public outrage" (spending millions of dollars a year on spray irrigation, while continuing to detrimentally impact lake water quality), then I don't know what is!

One more thing... unlike CAO Will Pearce, I don't consider a fee being raised from $100 to $200 as representing a "modest increase".

Anyone else reading the paper this morning and feeling a little :purefury: ??
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Re: City of Vernon Budget

Postby bob vernon » Jan 22nd, 2013, 10:30 pm

If the leaf pickup and chipping are ended, there will be a large increase in illegal burning as a lot of home owners just light up that pile of trimmings from their trees. Either that or just haul it out into the country and do an illegal dump beside a logging road.
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