Silver Star rd

Silver Star rd

Postby twitch2782 » Jul 17th, 2012, 10:33 pm

Anyone know what is going on on silver star rd with all the construction? Is the company doing it any good??
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Re: Silver Star rd

Postby getthere » Aug 21st, 2012, 8:34 pm

its hard to believe Vernon is serious about tourism when you see the substandard work theyve been doing to it this year! We drive it everyday to work and cant believe how more bumpy it has become from seal-coating in the spring as well as adding ditches to the sides recently. The pavement is all broken up and the curves are dangerous! I feel for the poor pedestrians and cyclists as there is barely a shoulder to be seen on most parts of this road. Its been bad for years and seems to have gotten even worse, its like City of Vernon and NORD cant get together on basic infrastructure like painting lines or having the traffic lanes allign at PV road and SilverStar Rd. With a major increase to the tax-base in the BX and SilverStar areas in the last decade you would have thought that SilverSatr Rd would be in far better condition then it now.
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Re: Silver Star rd

Postby bob vernon » Aug 23rd, 2012, 3:00 pm

Take a drive out to the Blue Jay subdivision on Old Kamloops Road. The new water connections that were put in have settled so badly with the traffic, and they haven't been filled in again. Suspensions bottom out when you go through there at anything over 10-15 km/h. I'd invite the councilors and mayor to drive out here and try it out in the own vehicles, but they'd probably want to claim mileage, plus their time, to come out to this corner of the empire. The big dropoffs have been there since Friday, August 17. They've had all this week to do something about it.
bob vernon
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Re: Silver Star rd

Postby image999 » Aug 23rd, 2012, 7:20 pm

I agree, and where is the tax money generated from the new suburbs built far far after the now offensive original road was built(Foothills, S-Star Village & in-between ?? By the way, I believe the developer was vastly held responsible for any road upgrades inc. the tiny pedestrian path near the foothills. But let’s journey a little deeper than just the uncoordinated choppy roads/railway crossings, in a non- pedestrian friendly city, shall we!
You should open your eyes elected officials, but unfortunately with the City of Vernon’s/Regional District’s past track record(decades)of self-instinctive, ineffective, non-cooperative internal bickering, scratch your back you scratch mine has led me to not hold my breath anytime soon.
Sadly this is unequivocally just one of many examples of the mismanagement in the Greater Vernon area. Many portions of this stunning area have been grossly mismanaged for years, and it’s obviously imperatively overdue to break the chain.
If there is a problem, and clearly there have been, and still are many. There is more contention in Vernon than actual progress. THIS IS WRONG! From what I’ve seen and read from past evident press releases, typically questions should and will arise, ex: Who’s been adhered to many past problems, who has been let go from the radio station, have disobeyed our tax laws, and yet re-elected to help run our community? Must we put up with a foot in each canoe?
Continuity of positive small steps for the majority is what this community needs. A healthily balanced, centered, cooperative, and economically viable blend that best represents business, parks/green-space and infrastructure as a whole.
No place or person/group is perfect, nor expected to be, and a small portion of improvements have been made, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done here.
Management rules state that proper planning, organizing, leading and controlling is the answer, it should be simple. I don’t know you “Robert”, but am wishing you the best of luck sorting out an entangled mess, that obviously took others many years to create.
The proper canvas is right here, stop splattering the paint.
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