"Graphic" grizz hides.

"Graphic" grizz hides.

Postby openrange » Aug 13th, 2012, 1:40 pm

Really?? About as Graphic as discarded mink coat left to rot in the woods. Tanned leather rotting is FAR from graphic. Wow, sensationalize much??? I came expecting a story on poaching.. left with a quite possibly legal tanned hide rotting in the woods. Story must have been made by the same people that reported the SPCA because my horse was sleeping in a field laying down. *bleep*.
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Re: "graphic" grizz hides.

Postby grammafreddy » Aug 13th, 2012, 9:41 pm

Yeah, I was expecting flesh and blood and gore. Good stuff, ya know?

http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-st ... .htm#79068

At first it was reported as discarded bear hides, now the skin found near Vernon appears to be from a moose.


Saturday afternoon at 3:15pm Vernon Conservation Officers received a call to service from the Cedar Falls Campground Manager regarding two bear cubs in BX Park that were reported as shot, skinned, and left in the park.

While initial reports claimed the skin appeared similar to bears that frequented the area, officers investigated the scene and found the hide was actually from a moose and not from bears.

“They were approximately 50 feet from the BX washed out bridge,” said Josh Lockwood, Conservation Officer. “The hide had been salted and turned, which is a professional process used in the taxidermy business.”

The hide measured six feet in length and there were indications that they had been tagged, due to a string officers found still attached to the hides, indicating they had come from a processing type taxidermy business.

“It appears at this time they may have been legally taken and for some reason the hides may have slipped or not been tanned or salted properly and were disposed of improperly,” said Lockwood.

“Lots of times these places will turn their processed hides if they aren’t good or if they’ve slipped, or if for some reason, they will dispose of them on back service logging roads. Back to nature type thing. Not an appropriate way to deal with it but the city landfill won’t take them either so they are left with that process.”
Conservation Officers are continuing to investigate the matter to determine where the hides came from and if charges are warranted. Bear paws were also found at the scene.

Interesting that originally the story read grizzly bear hide(s) and now it says moose hides. I've seen moose and I don't ever recall seeing one with long hair like what's in that picture.

I blew it up ...


Does a moose really have long hair like that - especially in the heat of summer?
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Re: "Graphic" grizz hides.

Postby openrange » Aug 14th, 2012, 9:30 am

It does look like moose hair. Moose hair can be very long, over 4 inches. Since this hide was suspected to be a discarded cape from a taxidermy , it was likely hunted in the fall when the fur is longer. Moose hair is hollow and is extreamly easy to tell apart from grizzly hair. Bear paws found near it are no surprise either. I am a taxidermist, and when we get bears in to do they come in frozen. Head and paws left on the hide for us to skin out, plus all the fat and meat on the skin. People generally keep the skull and most taxidermists dump the meat,paws, fat, etc.. out for the birds. I think we single-handedly keep the turkey vulture population going . But i mean, if you can't bring it to the dump, then where would you take it?
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