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Kitsault, BC

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Re: Kitsault, BC

Postby steven lloyd » Dec 9th, 2012, 2:11 pm

Glacier wrote: I dunno, the story did say it was in the rain shadow, so if this is true, it means they experience pretty good weather. Either way winters would be at least mild as Kelowna.

The winters are pretty mild up here - other than the more than occasional arctic outflow (God I hate those things) - with no more or no less snow than Kelowna for the most part. Kitsault is a bit higher and more protected by mountains than where I am (about 300 miles south of there). Mosquitos aren't so much the issue up here as the carnivourous black flies. You don't even feel them biting but notice the blood draining away as you stand over your putt. WTH ?!?!? (you think)
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Re: Kitsault, BC

Postby twobits » Dec 10th, 2012, 8:44 am

Glacier wrote:
I dunno, the story did say it was in the rain shadow, so if this is true, it means they experience pretty good weather. Either way winters would be at least mild as Kelowna.

The downside would be the mosquitoes and isolation.

From links provided......
-annual precipitation in excess of two meters (imagine if they weren't in a rain shadow lol)
-bouldered shoreline shaped by the pounding of winter storms
-temps as low as -24 C with frequent frigid artic outflows blasting down the inlet with wind speeds of 80 - 100 kph
-ave temp may-sept 10 deg C

Don't quite see this as comparable to kelowna weather, winter or summer
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Re: Kitsault, BC

Postby Glacier » Dec 10th, 2012, 12:15 pm

I only said they were similar in terms of winter temperature only. If their claim that this place lies in the rainshadow of the coast mountains (a claim I simply don't believe), then it would be a nice climate besides winter is also what I was saying. An example would be Stui, BC, inland from Bella Coola. It is far enough inland to be sheltered from the rain they get in Bella Coola, but close enough to the coast that it doesn't get very cold in the winter. A best of both worlds as it were. The average annual temperature in Stui is slightly higher than Kelowna.

Now, I just looked at the few records available for Kitsault, and it seems they get well over a meter of precipitation a year. I would guess the climate lies somewhere between Stewart and Nass Camp. Winters would be similar to Kelowna in terms of temperature, but they would get oodles of snow, which is a good thing (you can never have too much snow, IMO). Summers would be moderately cool, short, and relatively dry, but fall (starting in early August) would be miserably rainy. Very, very rainy. Anyone who hadn't killed themselves trying to escape would blackflies and mosquitoes would be happy to see rainy season... for the first couple of days anyways. Then depression would set in again.

I camped around Kitwanga a few years back. The shear number of mosquitoes were beyond anything I've ever seen before or since. The ocean breeze at Kitsault might keep the pests at bay, but I wouldn't place any money on it.
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