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Re: Worksafe BC

Postby 36Drew » Oct 30th, 2012, 10:36 pm

5VP wrote:They are NOT your friends...

No, they're not. WCB/WorkSafe isn't even there for your protection. They exist to protect your employer from employees bringing legal action against them in case of injury... it's essentially a workplace insurance program for employers. If you file a WCB claim, you waive any right to pursue any legal claim of negligence against your employer.
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Re: Worksafe BC

Postby xjeepguy » Oct 31st, 2012, 7:17 am

I spent about 16 years as a Union rep with a fairly large crew to attend to . The only time we ever ran into issues with WCB was when the injury wasn't reported asap. If you report the incident right away and make sure it's documented ( TAKE a copy home ) , usually there was never an issue . Biggest problems were things like tweaking something in your back on a Wed or Thurs and calling in Monday morning and saying you hurt it last week and no report .
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Re: Worksafe BC

Postby cutter7 » Oct 31st, 2012, 8:18 am

Ken7 wrote:First experience with Worksafe BC. It was not a real pleasant dealing. I've never truly used them and I was unaware I personally had to report my injury directly to them.

In my past career, we reported to our supervisors who took the initiative to do the original report. I guess my past employer doesn't know she is required to file my injury with Worksafe as they have nothing from her and this occurred several months ago.

I hope they ride her backside!

Anyone else have any dealing with them? Am I maybe over-reacting or are all Worksafe employees next to GOD?

I've had dealings with their safety inspectors and once they find a violation it's a pain dealing the paper work for minor infractions.

Other than that, As the boss it was made clear of my responsibility to file reports of employee injury regardless of how minor it may seem.
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