Extradition in honour killing

Extradition in honour killing

Postby LolaB » Sep 10th, 2017, 11:21 am

I can't believe that we clearly and sheepishly accept the "honour killings" because we let the criminals who kill their family members try to overturn the rulings of BC Courts in their favour.
What do we CARE about their medical issues or worries that India will not treat them well??? They chose to take the most precious thing there is - LIFE - and we debate and let them waste the tax payers money to over rule the courts' decision to send them to their home country? It blows the intelligent mind away!

When you think about any other criminals and for example the ones from the war times, they were prosecuted many years after their crimes were committed and they were treated with no mercy as they deserved. But when it comes to immigrants from INDIA we somehow always fail to treat them up to the code of our law. They want to live in Canada so they MUST obey our laws without any excuse as everyone else. If I will commit the same crime there would be no mercy because I am clearly the one of a wrong skin colour (white and often discriminated). We need to stop giving privileges to other nationalities because they might be old, vulnerable, afraid to go home.... Somehow they are not afraid to order to KILL a human being minding that the person is of their own blood! Soon enough we would start to give excuses to all foreign criminals because they might not be treated well in their own country? Could someone explain why such a story becomes news and we waste our money on insanity of the killers? This is so very wrong and awful and we should not spend our tax money on such cases. Simply ship them out of Canada as quick as possible - no questions allowed.

The crime was proven so why our court system even allows any questions about their well being, their medical needs in India, or what will happen to them in India.... Why they didn't think about it before they chose to take the young life? We (BC citizens) will be stuck with their health care bills because they will pretend to be sick until they die to avoid the extradition. Bravo BC - what will be next?

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Re: Extradition in honour killing

Postby Bsuds » Sep 10th, 2017, 11:31 am

Being discussed here.


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