What worked to kick her addiction to crystal meth....

What worked to kick her addiction to crystal meth....

Postby dle » Jan 31st, 2018, 9:56 am

There is an article on Yahoo....I know I'm not allowed to post it - pity - it's very good. It's an interview with a 20 yr old girl named Madison Koop and the headline is
Former meth user says jail, long-term treatment helped her fight addiction

It's stories like these that have me constantly on the rant to close the stupid safe injection sites (which by the looks of Chapman parkade and City streets a lot of them don't use it anyway), and put the $$ into building LONG TERM rehab and recovery centres. Have Judges with some guts to give jail time when an addict is arrested. The Judge's ruling could be the catalyst, as in Madison's case, to the road to recovery and saving that person's life, as long as there is a place to go for rehab.

Certain people *bleep* about others not looking at addicts as "people" and thereby not "seeing" them. They are most certainly people, just like any of us, and deserve a life free of addiction, and the only road to that life is abstaining from drug use and goes straight through LONG TERM rehab .

In the case of pain management addiction, Oxy etc should be a lifetime prescription - like insulin - and carefully monitored. They will become addicted, but it's not to a mind, or behavior altering drug. They will still lead their lives and contribute to the community and raise their families - just pain free, or as much relief as that drug will give them.
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