1422 Overdose deaths- Tax payer money savings?

Re: 1422 Overdose deaths- Tax payer money savings?

Postby Verum » Jan 31st, 2018, 3:19 pm

What people often forget with these deaths and other addiction related issues is that the cost to us is huge. It is really expensive to raise a kid to adulthood. Those resources need to be repaid or the person has been a huge draw on our society. Of course, some will be a drain anyway, but we need to do our best to recoup the investment. That's best done by making sure that people with addiction can find a way back to full productivity or at least very high functioning addiction.

Early preventably deaths cheat us of resources and are inefficient and targeted resources can minimise losses and maximise returns. It is shortsighted to avoid spending money on reviving OD people, but we need to be aggressive about providing quality and effective rehab.
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Re: 1422 Overdose deaths- Tax payer money savings?

Postby Queen K » Jan 31st, 2018, 4:31 pm

TreeGuy wrote:
The coroner says four out of five of those who died were male.

The feminist should keep this in mind when screaming for equal rights. Its not all roses being male.

But this isn't about feminism. The issue is not the same.
There could be a thread about this topic.
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