Pot prices

Pot prices

Postby common_sense_guy » Feb 8th, 2018, 11:51 am

When they did that story why couldn't they have given us more information like where was the data collected. Did they go to just one city or maybe two cities and ask people in the downtown core for example. That information is vastly important to ascertain the accuracy of the story. And 3000 people giving their answer probably does not reflect the true prices. So here we have another story that doesn't really tell us anything.. in my opinion most people that are getting marijuana from the black market( and when I say black market that usually means someone they know that grows. Not someone on a street corner as many people enVision when they hear Black Market) at around $5 a gram. So guaranteed the price will go up when the government wants their extra cut at the expense of the consumer. And I've said it before but that's only going to save a struggling black market now. So what will also happen down the road is the government's going to take a super hard stand on people that want to grow it themselves or eventually stop letting people grow 4 plants themselves and let big pharmaceutical come in and control everything. just one person's opinion

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Re: Pot prices

Postby CapitalB » Feb 8th, 2018, 1:24 pm

There was a link to a government survey site going around for a while. I took it and told them the price I pay ($5) along with a bunch of other data. If you look into it they apparently tried to watch for people deliberately trying to alter the price.

also they said they asked 15,000 people
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