Foreign SOEs taking over Cdn companies

Re: Foreign SOEs taking over Cdn companies

Postby CapitalB » Feb 27th, 2018, 4:28 pm

The Green Barbarian wrote:
Cactusflower wrote:
The kindest definition of the word 'backpedaling': 'modifying one's position; making it less strong'.

You should look into some back-pedaling of your own as your absolute stances on every issue just make you look weak-minded, racist, and hyper-fanatical.

I mean you two are respectively the right and left poles of the castanet forums. I'm glad some common ground is being found though, in regards to the conversation between you and pointdexter.

I often think that by and large right and left want the same things, done for different reasons, with different methods, and different risque reward assessments. Everyone just gets caught up on side details of every issue, but the main points are seem pretty universal. If we can continue to find the middle grounds on issues we can move forwards as a country in a more efficient way.
So much of the violent push-back on everything progressive and reformist comes down to: I can see the future, and in this future I am not the centre of the universe and master of all that I survey, therefore this future must be resisted at all costs.
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