Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby W105 » Sep 17th, 2015, 12:41 pm

well said Mama, but I am sure some will not agree with you....seems even discussing this horrific situtation causes others to get very defensive...the irony to me is that some believe the media/internet etc is just so plain disgusting, yet here they are on a public forum commenting ..I guess some believe media and internet action should be based on how they perceive it....

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Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby FreeRights » Sep 17th, 2015, 12:46 pm

Barney Google wrote:Have you ever been involved in a tragedy like this Westside?

There is a set protocol that officials is kept informed far more closely than media or the general public.

When you say "we owe it to baby Hailey to find out what really happened and make sure she and her daddy get justice"...

do you actually think anyone is going to let this crime drop?

No one is going to do that.

Try, for just a moment, to put yourself in this family's boots...a public free-for-all is just adding to the pain.

For God's sake have some compassion.

Without question everyone wants answers. Hashing it out and judging and pointing fingers publically is just plain rude.

Pardon me but I think it's criminal for people to be putting the family and circumstances under the microscope to

dissect for their own personal satisfaction. The truth will eventually come forth and will be reported.

No matter what happens our World is a lesser place for the loss of Hailey and her father.

Again, I suggest you consider how you would feel if people were doing the same

thing to you and your family if similar circumstances happened to you.

Justice will be served...dignity for those that are grieving needs to be respected.

I'm done...if people think it is okay to carry on with this public judging and speculating then go for it...

this whole conversation is sickening to me...I have no respect for anyone who continues on with this horrid display of


Emotional responses like this one is useless in these conversations, and always misplaced.

This is not the first time that the court of public opinion (ie. the Internet) has become involved in something, and very rarely are those of you taking a stand against it.

These "racial" shootings in the US, especially the ones that were deemed to be justified, were already judged wrongly by the people before the investigations were done. This applies to so many of the news articles now - Cecil the Lion was irrelevant before he was killed and the dentist is likely innocent, if justice actually mattered. There are incredible amounts of "shame first, truth later" cases on the internet, and it's this infatuation with public justice that forces the media to dig up every single bit of public and private information that they can, in every news story that they can.

The media does it because the people want it. This is essentially the burning witches of the 21st Century, and it is what it is.

I can appreciate your frustration, but may your opposition be consistent and against all public shaming going forward.

westside105 wrote:so they found Mr Blanchette at 11am Monday morning and then issued the Amber Alert at 2:14pm, it was not issued right away because the police were conducting a search nobody phoned the mother during that time period and search just to be sure she didn't have the baby ??? ok then

It could be more complicated than that, or less complicated, depending what actually happened.

If you're searching a house where a murder had just occurred, it could have been easy to determine who was living there at the time, and how recently they were there. They could have likely determined that the kid was there hours before, and when the incident in question is a homicide, it's very likely worth getting the Amber Alert out to the media sooner rather than later.

Remember, particularly as it relates to an Amber Alert, the police aren't going to have finished their entire investigation and have answers to all of the questions before issuing one. Time is very important in missing children, as it's been shown that the longer a child is missing, the less chance of discovering them alive, so it's important for them to only gather the basic information, check probabilities, and issue the Amber Alert. Even if she was with her mother, it would probably still be worth issuing an Amber Alert if they deemed she went missing from the scene of a stabbing.
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Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby FreeRights » Sep 17th, 2015, 12:52 pm

Mama wrote:I agree.

Every tragic event in history MUST be examined and talked about. To just sit back and let others deal with it is irresponsible to society and our own families. WAY to many children are being raised in less than ideal situations. Our children must be taught that there are consequences to their actions, and they are not just living their life. No matter what happened here, a child is dead. A family is broken beyond repair. Several Families.
A young girl got knocked up by a troubled older boy. That right there is a set up for disaster, on many levels. And happens way to often.
Yes, he seems to have stopped having court dates, and yes, it appears he adored his daughter. But as much as you are what you eat, you are what you associate with.
As soon as you have a child with someone, that child is subject to that persons, family and friends, and you dont have control over that, so choose wisely. There are so many battles in life to keep our children safe and healthy, so many that we cannot control.
I hope that this discussion gets families talking. I hope that it wakes up one young man or woman.
I hope that this horrible crime is not some byproduct of a less than stellar lifestyle. Because if it is, this poor baby paid the price. And your damn right we should be good a mad about it!

I agree with you that incidents should be examined and consequences should be taught, but that's not what's happening here or in many of the other high profile stories.

Nothing had been done, and nothing about examining this will prevent it from happening again. But I do agree that context and information is so important to our modern culture, that these examinations are a good thing.

If examining was what we were actually doing. Most of these high profile cases, the public's mind is already set before the actual facts are out and the actual investigation is done. All these smaller details, like whether the suspect in this case was dating the mother, true or not, may or may not be relevant in any way to the actual incident. We don't know, but a lot of people automatically include that in their perception.

We don't know anything at all about this family, and some are still coming up with conclusions on these relationships, and even each party's fitness to be a parent. What people are doing isn't examining and deciding based on fact - because we have none - they're making potentially irrelevant connections and judging without all of the information. That's dangerous, as it has shown to be in the past.
Come quickly Jesus, we're barely holding on.
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Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby bluewater » Sep 25th, 2015, 1:44 pm

Derek Saretzky was to appear in court sept 23rd via video from Lethbridge Correctional Center,but was found alone in a shower stall in medical distress.Sources state Derek is in the Chinook hospital in critical condition following a suicide attempt.Next court appearance slated for sept.30th depending on his condition.
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Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby GordonH » Jun 28th, 2017, 10:01 pm

If it was up to me Saretzky first parole possibility would be at age of 99, since he would have to serve each 25 year sentence back to back to back. ... is-actions
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Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby Queen K » Jun 28th, 2017, 10:54 pm

Just one more reason I want capital punishment brought back to Canada's Justice System.
I hereby ban Trump, the Russian's monkey-Do, from my funeral. McCain had it right.

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Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby Barney Google » Jun 29th, 2017, 6:42 am

Never has to worry about paying any bills or having to work...three squares and all expenses paid.

Ain't our judicial system wonderful?
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Re: Amber alert over - Hailey found dead

Postby the truth » Jun 29th, 2017, 7:17 am

safe bet the judge will give this monster parole somewhere down the line :-X :cuss:
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