Bad time to ignore Debt?

Bad time to ignore Debt?

Postby bob57 » Sep 7th, 2017, 4:55 pm

How nice of Darrin Surminsky to guide us in the ethics of paying our debt. Livio Di Matteo, a professor of economics at Lakehead University says that although we workers are in debt. "it is good debt". Good because apparently we are not as stupid as some might think. Our "net worth" is up there because we borrowed money to get it there. But even at that,Governments across Canada have been racking up debt, particularly since 2007, but the net worth of governments in Canada has actually decreased,” said Di Matteo. “It’s somewhat hypocritical for governments to warn Canadians about rising household debt levels given the state of their own finances. The current debt of the government of Canada ( also known as"The Budget will balance itself") stands at $649,528,443,734.13.That works out to your share being, $17,822.82. So while Darrin implores us not to default on our debt, remember you will still have that $17,822.82.to pay off.In the time it took to write this, the debt went up,but don't worry about it. Politicians will simply add another tax on somewhere.

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Re: Bad time to ignore Debt?

Postby Catsumi » Sep 7th, 2017, 5:07 pm

As usual we're left holding the debt-bag once these politicians of all stripe take their fancy retirement packages.

Then we're onto the next financial fiasco.

Then we squabble amongst ourselves as to which party does the most/least damage.

"Before election day, they are at your feet. After they're elected they are at your throat" (wallet). M. Twain

I think I may be on the way to Anarchy.

I can and WILL spray mercaptans all over your ill-considered & vacuous statements.
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