Really? Canada Isn't Ready For Pot?

Re: Really? Canada Isn't Ready For Pot?

Postby Smurf » Sep 13th, 2017, 6:38 am

Maryjane48 in the "site C " topic you wrote the following.

maryjane48 wrote:

your not a expert on electrical generation as is any of your gang of bclib supporters . you are in no position to even comment short of talking points .

Based on your standards do you believe you are qualified " to even comment short of talking points " on this "pot" subject? Based on your standards, please explain what your qualifications are.

Actually based on the standards you seem to present I doubt many of us on here would be able to comment or talk on this or most other subjects.

What do you think, are you qualified to talk on pot? Do you think I am?
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