Meet Jason Kenney’s Radical Social Conservative Allies

Meet Jason Kenney’s Radical Social Conservative Allies

Postby maryjane48 » Nov 1st, 2017, 9:15 am

Jason Kenney is the new leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, but he might have some debts to pay a few old friends who helped him win.

After all, Kenney’s march to victory left a trail of alienated PCs and disgruntled Wildrosers in its wake, though that never seemed to bother Kenney, who appeared content offsetting his losses with new recruits.

Stacking the deck would be nothing new for a man who served as Stockwell Day’s campaign chairman – Stephen Harper once criticized Kenney’s recruitment drives that saw the Reform MP “trolling for Day supporters at evangelical and Catholic churches, and on the website of the anti-abortion lobby Campaign Life Coalition.”


The anti-abortion groups

Back in the 80s, CNN labelled Kenney an “anti-abortion activist,” an understatement considering a member of the University of San Francisco’s Women’s Law Student Association recalls Kenney and a group of men confronting them at a campus fair demanding they stop collecting signatures for a petition on abortion rights.

“It was very intimidating,” the woman told the Walrus in 2014. “We knew we had to go – we were afraid – but we knew this was wrong.”

In USF’s student newspaper, Kenney argued against free speech on campus for women’s rights groups because next they’d have to give pedophiles or the “Church of Satan” a platform for their ideas too.

Well, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

Claiming to promote and defend “Christian principles in Canadian society” as well as opposing the so-called “homosexual agenda,” Canada Family Action was another group that actively worked to recruit social conservatives as new UCP sign-ups.

Kenney is no stranger to CFA, previously speaking at events sponsored by the group, complaining “Christian views” have been marginalized by “the increasing secularlization of society.”

Kenney isn’t the only one with ties to CFA – as PressProgress reported this summer, interim UCP leader Nathan Cooper previously worked for CFA, hosting a radio show that saw him interview a man who helped design a controversial Ugandan law that proposed making homosexual acts punishable by death.


Full article here:
https://pressprogress.ca/meet-jason-ken ... h-century/
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