Alberta Plates - not if you want to work in Saskatchewan

Re: Alberta Plates - not if you want to work in Saskatchewan

Postby seewood » Dec 7th, 2017, 2:30 pm

This is starting to sound like a " not playing nice in the sandbox" issue. One day Sask. there will be a day when workers will or could be back in Alberta working and maintaining their families back home.
As for PST in Alberta, me thinks they would still have a "heritage Fund" to draw from if they instituted a PST a while back.
The governments spending I believe should come from government generated revenues like the PST. After time the heritage fund has increased to a point the interest from its principal can be used for extra expenses to keep that government in power.
Made no sense to me to not be paying PST on the toys the workers bought from the very high wages being paid...

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