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Re: Just WHO is DENSE here??????

Postby Verum » Feb 7th, 2018, 10:28 am

Catsumi wrote:...
Several times I have mentioned on other threads that by allowing Khadr back into Canada (and worse yet paying him 10.5 million dollars for his acts of terror) Trudeau has broken Canadian law. You chose to ignore or question, so have to assume you are a cheerleader for the outrages our slippery-as-an-eel PM foists upon us.

Canada government website under Citizenship Act, subsections 10.2 and 10.1(2) I bet that Crown attorneys missed that. If only you had been on the legal team to share your wisdom with them. Honestly, if you think you know better than a team of legal experts looking for a way to minimise Canada's exposure and the political fallout of the problem called Khadr, you might want to look into the Dunning-Kruger effect. Are you even an expert in the law?


And please, spare us the "he was just a child" sob story. It doesn't matter what we think, it's what the court decides. We don't get to decide if he was a child soldier or not. Read the history, it's all over the internet, easily found....which you will probably ignore as well. KHadr was a willing and enthusiastic participant in maiming and killing. His "torture " in jail (Koran withheld and the like) hardly justifies or forgives JT's over the top response, (which he obviously knew so payout was secret until whistleblower exposed same and JT ran like a rabbit to Ireland hoping we would forget by his return date). I am pretty damn sure his victim would rather have experienced that "torture" rather than lose his life.

JT could have taken this to court, but he didn't even try. The murderous Khadr shouldn't have been allowed back in the FIRST place. Why? to lose again? Successive governments had kicked this can down the road and allowed a legal bill to grow and grow. The fiscally conservative approach was to pay the fine and take the blows, even knowing that they would be politically damaging.

Added to this awful situation there is the return of ISIS sympathizers who have been meticulously trained to hate, destroy, maim and kill on our very own soil. JT welcomes them.

Just WHO is DENSE here??

Trudeau isn't a complete idiot and certainly wouldn't have committed such a politically damaging move without good reason. The courts found that Canada had wronged Khadr. Continuing to do so would only increase the fine.

I don't much like Trudeau, and he does plenty of stupid stuff, but in this way he did what needed to be done for Canada, no matter how politically damaging it has proven to be to him. I only wish that former leaders had had such backbone to do so and save us considerable sums of money.

ETA: The version of the Citizenship act appropriate to discussion is quite different and has been amended. Please look at the version from 2009-04-17:
You will notice the significant difference and it is extremely likely that the court would have refused subsequent amendments as being inappropriate to apply to this case. Basically, we don't apply changes in law to cases which arose before those changes in law.
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